Facebook Introduces Events App for iPhone Users, To Keep a Track of the Happenings around Them

Facebook Events Works

Facebook, the most popular social networking site with more than half the world using it, is constantly building a ménage of its mobile applications so that the users can stay tuned with all the modern lifestyles and events by just using their smartphones to connect quickly and share the information with their friends and family.

Almost every day, more than a 100 million people use Facebook events to rediscover the things which they can do with their family and friends. Everything right from the celebrations to food festivals, from nightlife occasions to the neighborhood fairs, from concerts to poetry and play sessions, are presented on Facebook which enables the users to know what is happening around them. Every year, there are millions of events that are being shared on Facebook and with this there is no fear of losing out on being a part of it.

Facebook Events App for iPhone Users

Facebook usually has a tendency to offshoot and outgrow on popular features by planting them in its own apps. To keep up with its social networking agenda more efficiently, Facebook is introducing a new app called the Events, which is a standalone app that is designed for the people who are passionate about attending all the nearby events and seek new things and ways to keep up with their friends. Facebook Events will help the users if they are looking out to do something for the weekend or even if just they want to know what is happening around them in their neighborhood. In short, the Facebook Events app is more like a feature-rich calendar that allows browsing and discovering new events and is way better than its web counterpart.

Everything about How Facebook Events Works

As soon as the user opens the Facebook Events app, they can quickly catch up on all the new events which their friends and family will be interested in. Even the events that have been announced by the Pages that the user has liked will be displayed. Also, updates from the events with which the user has been already connected to will be shown.

In case, the user is looking forward to doing something on the weekend or even right now there, they can easily explore or browse for all the event recommendations based on their convenience, locality, time and interests. The users can use the interactive map to go to the places where the events are happening and attend them. If the users are planning to go on a trip to some other city or place, they can also keep also search and keep a tag of the events that will be happening in that place during the course of their visit and plan them for the trip ahead.

The final thing that can be done with Facebook Events is keeping a track of all the upcoming events in the calendar, which allow the users to keep a track of the days on which they might have to attend an event or when they are free to plan another event for the day. The users can choose the calendars which they like and add it to the app from their mobile phones. They can now view the calendars alongside the Facebook Events, which makes it easier to keep a track of the already planned events and dates and making new plans is as simple as ever.

Whatever actions the users take on the Facebook Events app, like marking an event to attend it in the near future, will be visible on their Facebook profiles. It will also be made available for the others so that the friends and family from the user’s friend list can also get to know about the events that are happening around them. This will give an idea to the friends about the kind of events the user is interested in, even if the friends and family do not have the Events app.

Facebook Events Works

Facebook has an app for every program on all the platforms including the one for social networking, Facebook Messenger, and for WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, with each of it claiming to have more than a billion users. The social networking giants also owns Instagram, an app to share photos and videos, and topped this year’s social networking charts with almost 500 million users. With the Events app, Facebook is looking ahead to garner more users towards it.

The Facebook Events app is available as of now only for the iPhone users at the App Store in the United States alone. It carries a tagline ‘coming soon’ for the smartphones running on the Android technology and should be rolling out in the near future. It is also expected to be out to the other countries in the world.

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