Facebook Messenger Adds Group Calling Services for Android and iOS Users


Facebook Messenger is not giving up on its quest to become the one-stop app for all of your needs, ranging from communication, search services to e-commerce.

The app, which now has more than 800 million monthly active users, has announced a new feature in the shape of group calling. The feature will be rolling out across the globe in the next days and it comes to both Android and iOS users.

When in any group chat, the Facebook Messenger users can now opt into a group audio chat without incurring extra charges other than the usual data bundle. This means that you can now hear the voices of all your family members with a group call.

In the updated version, you will notice a phone icon when chatting with group members. To switch into a voice call, simply hit this button and proceed with the call. The good thing about this feature is that it won’t automatically add all group members to the group audio call; instead, the person initiating the group call is allowed to pick the participants to include in the call. All included members will then receive the call at the same time.

In case you missed the call yet it is still in progress as far as other members are concerned, just hit the phone icon in the group chat and you will be in the group call in no time. While making the call, you can also check out who has joined the call already and even ping anyone who hasn’t joined the call yet.

As it seems, the Facebook Messenger group call can accommodate up to 50 participants. Initially, Facebook had stated that there is no limit. This later changed to 12 and now the social networking giant has the limit at 50 – confusing stuff huh!

Facebook Messenger

VoIP services on Facebook Messenger began in 2014 and even though the company has taken quite some time to implement this new feature, it is not the only major communications app that has been lacking the ability. WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, only supports one-on-one audio calls. But with Facebook Messenger taking the channel of group voice calls, we also expect to see this coming to the most popular chat app in the world very soon.

Facebook hasn’t mentioned a thing about group video calling, but it won’t be long before this shows up. With this in mind, it seems Skype’s dominance as the world’s leader when it comes to video calling services is coming to a sudden end. It gets even better as unlike Microsoft’s entity, Facebook Messenger lets users call persons whom they don’t have their numbers.

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