Facebook Messenger Introduces Rooms in Australia to Encourage Talking to Strangers

Facebook Messenger Rooms

The longtime users of Facebook and its various chatting and messaging services will definitely be aware of Rooms, the feature which had marked its debut in 2014 and that allowed its users to create public rooms based on the interests or topics wherein the people can discuss specific topics and form communities.

The world’s most popular and biggest social media networking site is again using Australia as its bed for testing its new features. Facebook is now working on rolling out a messaging feature in the bulletin board-style carried out in real-time to its Australian users. The latest addition to Messenger app of Facebook is called the Rooms. Rooms are designed to allow the Messenger users to swap their messages with strangers on a specific topic.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

Previously, the service was never really selling and was not even promoted well in the mainstream. After the initial failure, the social media giant seems to be giving it another shot as the Messenger Rooms, with a new public experiment by being launched in Australia and Canada for the Android devices.

Rooms for Specific Talks

The Product Manager of Facebook Messenger had said in a report that the new chat feature has been designed to stop annoying the friends of the users to talk about interests which they are not certain to share with the users. He also mentioned that the users of Facebook Messenger have already been setting up groups. But these groups are typically only for private conversations in between friends. The Product Manager reportedly said that these group chats which are happening today are focused only on friends and family that basically means it is in between people whom the user already knows. He said that the company spoke to a lot of people and what they have understood from the talk is that there is a lot of need for conversations in between the users about many specific topics. So by keeping in mind this necessity, the Rooms have been designed for the users of Facebook Messenger where they can have for topic-based conversations so that the people can talk about the specific topic with others whom they may not know.

The Messenger Rooms are all about public conversations based on different general topics which can be either Formula One or an Apple Keynote event, or even about an election. Though it is all about a public conversation, the users will also be allowed to make a private Room, which will need the users to be formally approved by an admin.

Facebook Messenger Specific Talks

The Messenger Rooms feature will begin to roll out to first to the Australian users who are using Facebook Messenger on the Google Android phones. It is also slated to be tested in Canada.

The new feature of Rooms for Messenger comes right after Facebook had recently launched another Snapchat-like feature called ‘My Day’ on to its Messenger platform. Even this My Day feature was tested early in Australia.

The social networking giant had reportedly said that it is trying to work on a lot of things in order to meet the demands of its real-time messaging users.

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