Facebook Messenger Latest Version has an Inbuilt Basketball Game

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the most used messaging apps on the planet. The app’s current stats show that it has over 800 million monthly active users.

To ensure that more and more users keep flocking onto the platform and that the ones already there have more content to engage them on the platform, Facebook introduced something known as the Messenger Platform. With this platform, developers can now get their apps to work from inside the Facebook Messenger application, something that has seen players such as Uber and just recently Spotify already jump in to take advantage of the huge masses that flock this app every day.

Now there is a fun little game that lives inside Messenger and even though it is not the first game to show up on this platform, this new game comes in to celebrate the basketball fever in the country and it’s a lot easier to find on the chat app and start playing.

So, are you willing to jump into this madness? If yes, here are the simple steps you need to follow to start having a basketball game of your life.

Download and install latest version of Facebook Messenger

The first thing you need to know is that the new basketball game on Facebook Messenger is a new update by Facebook. As such, it requires that users download and install the latest version from their respective app stores. Once the new version is installed, you will have to lure one of your friends to jump into the fun too by simply sending them a basketball emoji.

Facebook Messenger

When the recipient of the emoji taps on it, s/he will be entered into the gameplay. You have to make a score and if you don’t, there is an option to start all over again. Of course, making a score will land you some applauds.

When playing the game, participants of the game can check out the number of scores the other player has made right from the interface. The Facebook Messenger app also monitors the scores to know who is currently leading the game. Just like any other game, the Messenger basketball game will start getting a little harder as you get better in shooting; thus, expect things to get tougher when you hit 10 consecutive scores.

Facebook’s Developer conference is fast coming and with such things coming into play, we expect a lot more to be exposed during this event. There is no doubt that more companies will want to take advantage of the growing user base on Facebook Messenger, something that Facebook is really relishing.

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  1. This game wont work in my Samsung Galaxy s5, software and app are completely updated, can anyone help?

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