Facebook Messenger Rolls out a New AI-Powered Virtual Assistant called the M Suggestions

Facebook Messenger M Suggestions

Facebook Messenger has rolled out a new feature which is power driven by M, its AI-powered virtual assistant.

The new feature called the M suggestions appears in the chat conversations and suggests relevant responses that are based on the topic of conversation. So when someone asks a question like “How are you?”, M will detect the objective of the words that are being used and will give out all the relevant text suggestions or it may offer a selection of stickers that will allow the user to respond to a message. M is bound to turn up in the chat conversations in its own avatar. The Facebook Messenger M Suggestions has been rolled out only to a limited number of users in the US to first test the feature. The M Suggestions is another form of Facebook M which will be making the right suggestions at the right time.

Facebook Messenger M

Everything about M Suggestions

The Vice President of Facebook Messenger had reportedly said in a statement that the virtual assistant bot will be available as of now only to a limited number of users for the start, however, Messenger is making big plans on expanding the AI-powered service to more users who use the Messenger by early 2017. M is probably the first bot from Facebook Messenger which operates in a group setting and provides relevant suggestions during conversations in between people. M runs powered by both smart artificial intelligence and the exceptionally brilliant human brains who train the machine learning of M to be a smart bot. Many developers and startups that make bots have had issues with the limitations of the bots used in Facebook Messenger as it was lacking the ability to perform in groups.

The other automated features that come with Messenger will also become a part of the suggestions made by M. In September, Messenger had made its debut in the Chat Assist field by making relevant suggestions for peer-to-peer payments and for Uber rides.

Facebook Messenger M Suggestions

The M of Facebook has been available on the networking site for more than almost a year now, but like the M suggestions of Messenger, it is in the beta stage of testing and is also available only to a limited number of people. There is no word yet on when it will be out to the public. The M virtual assistant of Facebook has also been rolled out to a limited number of users, although its interactions with the smaller user base have helped Facebook in training their artificial intelligence systems in a better way. The social networking platform refused to comment when it was inquired about the kind of suggestions made by M and whether the bot was capable of operating in a group chat.

The introduction of more of the suggested texts is probably an attempt made by Facebook to compete with Google, as the M Suggestions is almost similar to the Smart Replies feature, which comes into action while using Google Allo chat app or Google Assistant.

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