Facebook Messenger Testing the Data Saver Mode By Way of Avoiding Auto-Download of Content

Facebook Messenger

High-Speed data has become so expensive these days that the users have adopted an attitude wherein they will not download any content and waste data if it is not really required.

There are many apps in general which come with their own version of the data-limiting feature and can be used to save cellular data. These data-savers are becoming such a trend that all the tech giants are trying their hands at it. Recently, Google had come up with a data saver for Android and Facebook had added it to its main social networking app. Obviously, Facebook seems to have liked the idea and so it is extending the feature to its Messenger app also. The latest version of Facebook Messenger is still under testing for the data saving feature and has not yet been rolled out to the general public yet.

Facebook Messenger

What Is Data Saving

Data Saver is a feature that can be found in the particular app’s Settings menu. This feature helps to reduce the amount of cellular data that will be used to download pictures or videos from the app. This can be controlled by enabling the ‘Click-to-download’ feature, instead of automatically downloading all the content that has been received. This will happen only when the device is running on the mobile network’s cellular data. When the phone is connected to Wi-Fi, then the photos and videos will be automatically downloaded from the app. The users will also have the ability to reset and see how much data has been saved.

Facebook Messenger and the Data Saving Mode

Facebook Messenger downloads all its content by default, irrespective of the file size. Facebook Messenger will soon arrive with a data saving mode which is still in its beta testing stage and will specifically ask the users, who are working on a cellular data connection to select the content of their choice before downloading them. The users will be asked specifically to select the photos and videos they wish to download when they are using the Messenger app on the phone’s cellular data. However, the content will be downloaded automatically when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

The social networking giant had put up a screenshot on its website which showed how to enable the data saving feature. Upon enabling this data saving mode, the users can also keep track of the estimated data saved. This mode can also be reset as and when required, which will be very helpful for those users who run their cellular network on a monthly data plan.

A data saver mode for Facebook Messenger is almost like a boon in countries which still suffer from major internet connectivity issues. These countries include India, which is the second biggest market for Facebook, many developing countries in Asia and Africa, where Facebook is looking forward to growing in the future.

Facebook Messenger Testing the Data Saver Mode

In India, Google was the first to concentrate on these data saving options. To meet these demands, Google announced a standalone YouTube GO app, which runs on low connectivity and comes with data saving features. Even Google Chrome has been introduced with an option for saving cellular data. This idea has been now followed by Facebook, which is testing this feature with an aim to probably garner more users from every corner of the world.

The Facebook Messenger version which is still in its beta testing stages can be downloaded from the Google Play after registering for the beta testing program or can be side-loaded from the APK Mirror. The former method is recommended to avoid any website malware while downloading.

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