Facebook Messenger Update Adds New Camera and Camera Features

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the second most popular mobile messaging app behind another Facebook-owned chat app, WhatsApp.

Despite the huge user base of more than one billion people from all over the world, the social network giant isn’t easing its efforts towards making the Messenger app the best there is out there. In the latest update, Facebook Messenger users will be receiving a bunch of new features, among them a new camera alongside new camera features that are aimed at improving the overall experience of the application. This update will give users a better way of taking photos natively as well as adding some special effects to the captured photos before they are shared with friends on the platform.

The Facebook Messenger Camera update is rolling out to all users of the app across the globe and as such, you should be seeing it on your updated version of the app starting today. However, this doesn’t mean that all users of the app all over the world will have this feature today, rather, it could take a few days before it shows up on their devices.

Smartphones have really shaped the way people interact and with the updated Facebook Messenger, the company wants users to have an even better way of sharing their best moments through photos and videos. With the new Messenger Camera, Facebook wants you to have an easier time when trying to access the camera of your phone. Instead of leaving the main app in order to capture a picture or video that you end up sharing on the same platform, the updated Facebook Messenger will now let you do it from inside the app while at the same time providing you with a bunch of special effects that will make the photos look much better.

Facebook Messenger

The Messenger Camera is just a tap away, with the launch button located at the heart of the navigation bar on the bottom end of the app. Whether you are already having a conversation with a friend or simply launching the main app, you will still be able to see this button. The good side of the story is that this same button will play both roles of capturing photos as well as videos, but the latter will require that you long-press the button rather than tapping on it as with the case of the former.

As far as the Facebook Messenger Camera effects are concerned, you get the likes of 3D Masks, falling snow as well as ability to add text to captured photos before sharing them.

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