Facebook Messenger Upgraded with a New and Powerful Camera that Offers Special Effects and More

Facebook Messenger Camera Effects

For quite some time now, Facebook has been on a spree for updating its services so that it is on par with the other media sharing platforms.

The social networking giant has already introduced a couple of features to its lineage apps which have been directly imitating like those on Snapchat. Now, the Facebook Messenger app is the latest to receive the most recent update that includes a revamp to the native camera of the app. The update has already started to roll out on the global platform for the Android and iOS apps.

Facebook Messenger Camera Effects

Facebook had mentioned in its blog post that the company is excited as it is launching a camera that is brand new, quicker and easy to use that comes along with special effects and the ability to make the photos more artsy so that the chat conversations are better than ever. The company said that with people sending more than 2.5 billion emojis, stickers, photos, and videos everyday on the Messenger, sending messages has now become more of a visual treat. The camera has replaced the keyboard in more than one ways. So, the social networking giant has built a new camera for the Messenger that makes sending photos and videos more fun, simpler, and faster.

What’s New

With the latest update, it has become easier and quicker to capture and share all the moments as they are happening. The camera of the Facebook Messenger has been put up at the center of the screen, which, on the whole sums up the ideology of the company. The users will be able to see the shutter button placed at the center of the screen irrespective of whether they are in a conversation or if they have just opened their app. Right in for the holiday time, the new camera here works just like that of the other apps i.e. it will capture a picture at just a single tap and long pressing it will record a video.

Art and Special Effects

Apart from introducing a new camera, Facebook is also making Messenger a place where the users will be able to find new artsy stuff and special effects. The most important of this stuff include the 3D masks, which are making its debut on the Messenger camera. These 3D masks are very easy to use and they apply a filter that is artistic to the photo in full screen and it will turn the photograph into a piece of art. These special effects and 3D masks are the perfect way to communicate by spreading a bit of fun in the messages.

Facebook has added thousands of frames, effects, stickers, and masks for the users to choose from so that they can personalize their photo as they want to. The social networking company has worked with influencers and artists from all over the world each of whom have contributed their own ideas and have added a bit of their touch to the tools for customization in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Camera Special Effects

Canvas with a Palette

It does not end there. Messenger has added another unique feature where the users can convert their messages into a more fun piece. There is palette icon that is present by the shutter button, which will take the users to a blank canvas where they can add stickers and art to their texts. With this, it has become super easy to make texting more delightful.

The user can of course send a normal message with just text also just like the old school types, without adding any special effects or artsy stuff. And all the other features which make the Messenger a loved place still remain the same.

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