Facebook Now Demands Users to Take a Selfie to Prove its Their Account

Facebook Demands Users to Take a Selfie

After introducing two step verification and sending one time password to customers to safeguard their account, Facebook has come up with a brand new security features which might become the norm in all services in the near future.

Instead of going with the generic methods, the company now wants you to take a selfie to prove that you are actually there and verify your photograph with the huge list of pictures uploaded in your profile as well as their database. It will let them know that it is not the hacker trying to access the account again but the same user who wants to gain access into their original account.

Facebook Now Demands Users to Take a Selfie

The news comes from a leading technology magazine and has been confirmed to be an official update which will eventually be rolled out to all users after the initial beta testing is complete. Some of the users have already started reporting that their account demands them to upload a photo of themselves with a clear face. It also adds that Facebook has no plans to keep those selfies in their servers and will immediately delete them after verification.

A spokesperson from the company clarified that the attempt is to stop third parties from claiming access to a account after suspicious activities are detected in your profile. Random people try to create new account, add friends and also start using the ads feature while committing fraud in the money they bid as well as dupe the company in many ways which is now being curbed with the help of selfies.

Facebook Now Demands Users to Take a Selfie to Prove its Their Account

One of the practical issues associated with this verification method is that the user will be locked out of their account until Facebook servers have managed to verify the authenticity of the person. It is an automatic process and no customer care representative has direct access to the system. The servers will verify the photograph with others that you may have uploaded previously and will grant access to your profile.

While it sounds very innovative, there is also the issue of downloading previously captured selfies or using photoshop to make minor modifications in existing pictures to prove that it is the person on the other side, not some random hacker. A bug that hackers could exploit easily but Facebook is expected to make an announcement regarding this. Apple iPhone X has already introduced 3D facial scanning which seems to be the future for improved security after fingerprint sensors.

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