Facebook Studies: 5 Nifty Features you are Probably Missing out


Facebook is that robust social media service that gives you all that you need to get in contact with friends, colleagues, and relatives. It is one of those things that every Tom, Dick, and Harry find very easy to use. Updating status, commenting on posts, liking posts and comments, uploading photos, and much more else besides are simple steps that almost everyone knows how to do.

However, there is more to Facebook than what meets the eye. The above are just but everyone-know features, there are much more to learn about the tyrant social media network. Features that are so handy that you will curse yourself for not knowing early.

That said, get yourself ready for an insightful adventure as we delve into these good-to-have but hidden features, tips and tricks, and how to get them done.

Remote Logout

There are those moments when you sign in into your Facebook account on a public computer. So, what happens when you inadvertently forget to logout? Quite obvious that any stranger can turn your account upside and probably get hands on your highly esteemed personal data. Consequences in such situations can be nasty. You can take that to the bank.

So, how do you salvage such scenarios? The solution is using Facebook remote logout function to sign out of places you don’t desire. Pretty straightforward and simple to apply feature; just head to Security Settings and look up for ‘Where You’re Logged In’. Select Edit, from where you will see a list of all locations you are logged in. To logout of any device you don’t desire, hit ‘End Activity’. You can also scrutinize the locations for any wary activity. And, if indeed you spot any fishy goings-on then you need to get your password changed as soon as possible.

Watched Video History

At times you watch a captivating video on Facebook. Unfortunately you cannot see the video again, probably, because you cannot locate where you found it. If that is the case, then here is the good news: Facebook has history, which you can seamlessly view, of all the videos you’ve watched.

Facebook Avoid Discriminatory Criticism

To find and re-watch videos, on your Facebook home window look at the top right corner, you will see an arrow pointing downwards. Click on the arrow, scroll down and select ‘Activity Log’. Click MORE: within the activity log, you will spot ‘Videos Watched’ under which you will see your videos history. Here you can execute a number of commands: re-watch videos, run searches for content, delete individual videos or clear the entire watched-videos history.

Change to captivating Languages

There are funny languages in Facebook, which probably you didn’t know really exists, that can keep a smile plastered on your face all day and night. You can capture the attention of your audience using Upside down English or choose entertaining English (Pirate). The former displays words in upside down manner while the latter uses some hilarious way of conveying messages, for example, ‘turns o’the hourglass’ for time.

To effect the language change, get to Account Settings page then choose Language. Look for ‘What language do you want to use Facebook in?’ option and select either English (upside down) or English (Pirate) and get the fun going.

Personal Data Download

Did you know that you can download all your personal Facebook data and copy them in a safe location for a neat backup if you so require? Now you know. To get this done, go to General Account Settings. Run your eyes down to the bottom of the screen, you will see ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’. You can get it done from there.

Legacy Contact Setup

Last but not least, Facebook allows you to set a legacy number. Someone who can take over and run your account in case the unspeakable, unexpected death, occurs. To access this smart but scary feature, go to Security Settings, you will spot ‘Legacy Contact’ option somewhere near the bottom of the window, just above ‘Deactivate Your Account’.

In conclusion, there is more to Facebook than the routine activities. Features discussed in this article are well thought and can be of great use if need ever arises. Take note!