Facebook Takes Possession of Nascent Objects, a Modular Electronics Maker, to Help Build Faster Hardware


In case you haven’t heard it yet, the hot news is that Facebook has stepped into hardware business now.

The social networking giant is working towards building virtual reality goggles, huge Wi-Fi drones, and data servers, in addition to all the political rants, social blubber, and all other native Facebook news. To help build this kind of gadgets on a quicker note, the company has announced on Monday, that it is going to buy Nascent Objects, a small startup in Silicon Valley, which makes tools to ramp up the speed of the physical hardware prototype building process. However, the terms of the deal and purchase details were not disclosed.

Facebook Nascent Objects Deal

Facebook – Nascent Objects Deal: Manna from Heaven

Nascent Objects has been a finalist at the FastCo Design ‘Innovation by Design’ in 2016. It was associated earlier with ‘Ammunition’, a design firm that designed Beats products before its acquisition by Apple. To be more specific, Nascent Objects had made an announcement about the acquisition on its official website that it uses technology which combines designing hardware, circuits, and 3D printing. Apart from all these techniques, the other outstanding specialization of the startup is in the field of “modular electronics”, which allows the interchangeable hardware parts to be swapped out. The company also focuses on creating a modular electronics system which the consumers can use to build their own gadgets by using reconstructable components that include sensors, camera, batteries, and more.

The startup will now join Facebook at the latter’s secretive enterprise for hardware development at Building 8. The Head of Building 8 had written a post on her Facebook page that with the integration of Facebook with Nascent Objects, designing of a hardware product, building it and then delivering it will happen in just weeks which would otherwise take months or years. She had even mentioned that by working together they are hoping to build hardware at a speed which might seem more like software. However, Facebook had declined to make any further comments.

The company had announced Building 8 for its hardware unit after bootlegging the former chief of DARPA, from Google. The chief had run quite a similar hardware unit, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP). Facebook had unveiled an advanced and a happening unit for building hardware with a state of art facility at the Menlo Park Campus, California in August. This place called Area 404 is complete with workbenches, high-end electrical labs, and milling machines capable of heavy duty.


Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg is pushing the company into hardware business as a part of its 10-year plan. The plans include big stakes in the areas of artificial intelligence, internet access, and virtual reality fields. The company’s CEO has often repeated that the aim of Facebook is to make the world a more open and connected place and all these developments are a part of the company’s efforts to follow the mantra. For the social networking giant, it is all about staying ahead of the next wave in the market irrespective of whichever form it might take.

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