Facebook’s Location-Based Suggested Friends Feature is Creepy – Here’s How to Turn it Off


Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on earth. The platform houses over 1.65 billion people from all continents of the planet, and the figure never stops growing.

One of the fascinating things about Facebook is that it keeps adding new and even better features that actually play a huge role in the ever-growing following it has. The company has made signing up for the service quite an easy task and it has even gone far ahead to offer free access to the service in a number of regions that already take advantage of the Free Basics program.

Facebook ha a feature that offers users a list of suggested friends one can get attached to on the social platform. The Suggested Friends category usually shows users random names of people that Facebook thinks they know and they’d like to become friends with. But one question probably very few of you have asked is how does Facebook really come up with this list of Suggested Friends?

Usually, the category will on many occasions bring up names of people you’ve had an association with in the past, for instance, high school mates, old friends, acquaintances and a bunch of other people. If anything, sometimes the level of accuracy that Facebook’s Suggested Friends feature exhibits can be alarming. As it turns out, the social media giant uses your phone’s location feature to match you with other Facebook users within your locality.


Despite the fact that the feature might help with linking you up with some old pals, there is another side of the coin. Honestly, it is a bit creepy that Facebook is secretly using someone’s phone location to bring up these suggestions, however, it is possible to take care of this issue. All you need is to disable location services on your installed Facebook app, be it Android or iOS.

For Android users, the process might be a little different depending on the manufacturer of the device in use or the Android version installed. For the purposes of this article, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the reference version. Head to your phone’s Settings>Apps>Facebook>Permissions>Location>Off. For those using the Facebook app on iOS, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>Facebook>Never.

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