Fallout 4 Development Helped Bethesda Bring Skyrim PS4 Special Edition

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 preparations had a solid role to play in Skyrim PS4 Special Edition as it gave Bethesda an idea and the much needed boost to do the re-master version.

Making games that are already done is not the best way to work, opines Pete Hines, Vice President at Bethesda. Speaking to the host of a popular digital game magazine, Hines expressed his love for creating new things.  Sometimes, trying to convert a very old title to next generation console is equal to developing a new game or a sequel to the original title. Instead of spending so much time and effort into it, it is much better to allow new creative ideas to pop in and surprise the gamers.

Fallout 4

However, Bethesda had to make some tough decisions. They had to make sure players on PS3 and PS4 got the games they deserved rather than focusing only on next generation hardware. Fallout 4 was so important because it is one game that the entire team had to work on and make sure it worked on both old generation as well as new generation consoles. Fallout was the only game that they have worked with in recent times and making it run seamlessly on both platforms posed a challenge. The team showcased their best skills to make it possible and a similar technique was used for Skyrim PS4 Special Edition.

“Fallout was the last game they worked on before moving Skyrim engine to Playstation 4 and making it work on new generation console. The reference helped Bethesda’s team accomplish what they set out to. They have already did this with Dishonored but the game is a new IP that used latest codes and wasn’t as old as Skyrim. It was hardly difficult and developers didn’t have to do ton of work to bring it to the new console,” said Hines.

Skyrim PS4 Special Edition

Towards the end of the interview, Bethesda VP said that the effort, manpower and time it takes to bring old games to new platforms are best utilized by developing something new. “Instead of spending so much on an old title, we always feel that it’s great to work on something new. It could be a brand new IP or a sequel to the original game. The next version excites us,” he concluded.

Bethesda has some key titles to their credit and 2016 has been a great year for the team. GamesRadar has posted the entire interview online, if you are interested to know more about Bethesda, their future plans and possible titles including the new Elder Scrolls.

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