Faraday Future Car Spotted Testing Autonomous Technology

Faraday Future Car Spotted Testing Autonomous Technology

Not many will be familiar with the brand Faraday Future.

The company is relatively new but made a strong mark at the auto expo with some outrageous claims and an extremely fast sports car.

The speculation created by Faraday Future with their new model should be taken with a pinch of salt because a lot of technical and practical aspects should be taken into account before it can be rolled out to general public. In the new set of spy pictures, we spot a brand new car which looks like a Tesla rival. The auto company is going to compete against the biggest EV maker in the world on their own turf.

Instead of trying to go for the usual plug-in hybrids and other semi-electric models, Faraday Future is going full electric with all their future launches. The spy pictures show a car equipped with LIDAR sensors. It was spotted as it was about to leave their headquarters and to be tested on the roads. Autonomous technology is still a long way to because the companies have to overcome many practical hazards and government regulations before rolling it out.

Faraday Future Car

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk confirmed in his recent blog post that he is confident that self-driving technology will be perfected in the next five years. The automobile manufacturer is going to make the tech at least 10 times better than what is being offered at the moment. The idea is to focus on congested roads rather than highways. People find it difficult to drive in such jammed spots rather than long drives.

Besides, when it comes to handling the car at top speed, automatic driving is considered unsafe by some as it may be forced to make a decision in case of an imminent collision. We are still not sure what Elon Musk has in his mind but more updates will be rolled out in the following months. The auto expos are going to play a huge role in allowing companies to showcase their best technologies and gather support from the average buyer.

Faraday Future is working on an ambitious sports car of its own but it won’t be out for another two years or so. They are relatively new in the automobile scenario and may have to compete with some of the big players. But, when Tesla could achieve the impossible in such short period, maybe a newcomer could recreate the success one more time.

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