Faraday Future Concept Car Revealed in New Teaser Video

Faraday Future Concept Car

Faraday Future is an ambitious company planning to rival Tesla in the electric car segment.

The company has already started building its big electric model. A newly released teaser video and images shows the concept model in action.

Faraday Future Concept Car

The upcoming large car is designed from the scratch and from the way the company has been progressing with their production schedule, it is evident that they have some solid backing up. When Faraday Future made the announcement and their plans to build an ambitious concept model, it was considered more of a dream. Most tech giants opined that it is difficult for new automobile manufacturers to actually build an EV and push into mainstream production.

Tesla faced its fair share of obstacles before they became world’s most popular electric car manufacturer. While their lineup still comprises of expensive cars, it won’t be long before the Model 3 priced at $35,000 is available in dealership stores. While the older EV brand has already reached its audience with expensive models including a powerful SUV, Faraday Future is all set to enter the segment with its new model. It is fully camouflaged yet the video gives a good idea of how it would look and run on road.

While most expected it to be a sedan, the teaser video confirmed that it is indeed a SUV similar to Tesla’s Model X but has a surprisingly low ride height. The car is fast and is being tested on a race track. It looks exceptionally sleek yet should be capable of offering enough space for multiple passengers on board. According to inside sources, it is supposed to be a crossover compact SUV with a minimalistic profile.

With such heavy camouflage, it is difficult to spot the design aspects of the car. However, the large door mirrors, headlights and the swooping roofline is readily visible. The model features a fully electric design and it is speculated that total mile range offered by the battery should be more than 300 miles so as to compete with its immediate rivals in the market.

Faraday Future Car Revealed

While Faraday Future has a couple of practical electric cars scheduled to be launched in the near future, they released an extremely ambitious concept car. The electric concept was touted to deliver nearly 1000 horsepower which is no easy feat to pull off. It might take a whole for this model named FFZERO1 to be out but the electric SUV is what most buyers are looking forward to.

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