Faraday Future Teaser Image Reveals Front End of their EV SUV

faraday future Teaser

Faraday Future has launched a new teaser image online that shows the front of their upcoming fully electric car.

The Tesla rival model is about to get launched a whole year ahead so that they can cope up with competition and create a fanbase earlier.

The automobile brand is dedicated to making fully electric vehicles and is backed by a Chinese technology giant. The designers have already released a couple of teaser videos showcasing their electric car but it was heavily camouflaged and didn’t give an idea of what to expect in terms of looks. The new teaser is however promising and gives us our first glimpse of the concept model’s production version. It is every inch as stylish as Faraday Future touted it to be in the past and from the eye-catchy design, it is evident that the brand is heading towards the right direction.

faraday future SUV Teaser

The front end is sleek, sharp with LED lighting and signature curve that runs throughout the bonnet. The design is heavily inspired by the brand’s concept car FFZERO1 they showed at the 2016 Consumer Electronics show this year. The latticework grille and the low ride height indicates a sporty car. However, according to the announcement made by the company, it is not a sedan but rather a SUV. We might see a crossover design with a sleek front end but the passenger space that people have come to love, bringing the best of both worlds together.

In the previously launched teaser image, the car had large SUV sized alloy wheels. The pricing of the new EV will be geared towards the premium end of the market, confirmed Faraday Future. The actual body is still under wraps as it was not revealed in any of the teaser images so far. The company on their official Twitter channel confirmed that a production version of the car will make its appearance at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

faraday future Teaser

Spy photos released in the recent past confirmed the Faraday Future electric SUV is geared towards rivalling the Tesla Model X. It features swooping rooftline, long wheelbase with large door mirrors and big headlights. Such design elements are not common in the auto industry but the relatively brand is aiming to create a style statement of their own with their first ever EV launch. Besides an electric motor, the cars are also expected to be equipped with autonomous driving technology. Top tech firms including Apple and Google are working with car makers to provide support for connected services and big data management.

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