Fiat 500X with 2018 Upgrades Heading to Dealership Stores Now

Fiat 500X

The Fiat 500X is receiving a couple of upgrades for 2018.

The new edition is heading to dealership stores now and will be first available in Europe before being rolled out to customers in UK.

The overall specifications of the car remain the same but the upgrades are primarily on the inside. The infotainment system is where majority of the changes are made so as to make it more intuitive, easy to access and user friendly. The new Fiat 500X 2018 edition brings two different color schemes on board, the Alpi Matte Green and Donatello Bronze. These color variants were previously available only on the S-Design models and are now being introduced for this model.

Fiat 500X interior

When you hit the dashboard of the car, the changes are significant and easily noticeable. A spacious and large 7-inch high resolution display adorns the area. It is powered by the Uconnect HD Livetouchscreen setup. Touchscreen displays have become very common in smartphones and tablets. However, the automobile market is slowly catching up and are releasing full HD, touch screen displays for the infotainment to make it easier to access the features.

Fiat joins the line by allowing passengers to easily stream music to the infotainment with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. It also has voice recognition features, a rear parking camera and TomTom 3D satellite navigation system. All these features and more are integrated into the touchscreen which makes it a user-friendly car, as the driver will be able to find the information they need quickly.

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The Uconnect system from Fiat works with a dedicated app. When a driver downloads the app on his or her phone, they will be able to receive live updates including news feed, TuneIn and Deezer music streaming services, Facebook check-in, Twitter updates and more on their phone. Being a 2018 model, it should support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which it does.

Fiat 500X with 2018 Upgrades Heading

With a range of variants available in the stores, the Fiat 500X has been segregated into different models so as to suit the requirement of the buyer. The overall design of the car looks very urban like for commuting in the city in style. The Pop, Pop Star and Lounge trim variants are all designed for urban living while Cross Look is available exclusively on the Cross as well as City Cross variants. The subtle changes make the Fiat car stand apart from the rest and provides better choices for buyers.

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