FIFA 17 Details: Release Date, New Features, Pre-orders, Player Ratings and More


The long awaited football spell is underway again in full swing but some fans need one more thing to get the full dose of entertainment – FIFA 17.

EA Sports releases a new installment of the FIFA series each and every year, but this will be the first to feature a Frostbite game engine.

The game is always released with modified player ratings in line with the performance of individual players and teams during the previous season. For that matter, fans cannot stop speculating on their favorite players and teams ratings. Manchester united fans cannot just wait to play the game after their team bounced back from a disappointing spell to some good performance last season, implying the player ratings have also gone up. Meanwhile, Arsenal diehards are raging about the purported low score for speedy right-back Hector Bellerin.

Generally speaking, FIFA enthusiastic fans have been itching to know the goodies accompanying the new game. According to the latest rumors, they can be rest assured the game is different and better. Here are the details;

FIFA 17: What’s new?

The latest edition has been modified a lot and has a host of brand new features.

To begin with, the Career mode has been revamped completely. Gamers will be allowed to tailor coaches with their own traits. Besides, they will get more proactive approach, that is, more realistic board expectations and an in-depth view of club assets.

In addition, FIFA 17 will sport a changed player physical growth, new techniques for attacking, set-piece rewrite and new ways of interacting with the surroundings.


New squad building challenges are now available for Ultimate team enthusiasts and annual FIFA Interactive World Cup will only require £1 million kitty.

As announced by EA Sports earlier, FIFA 17 will also feature teams in J1 League and J-League Cup for the first time.

Finally, apart from the new Frostbite engine, FIFA 17 will be the first game in the series to feature a story mode titled “The Journey”.

The Journey game mode

The Journey mode is one of the new features added to the game and is single-player story campaign mode built around similar ideas as ‘Be A Pro’ and Career mode in Champions League games but is more of a hybrid of the two.

The feature will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC and will entail gamers assuming the role of Alex Hunter who is a 17-year old multiracial footballer eyeing to impress in the English Premier League. Alex will pick on any of the teams to play for at the start of the season and can play any position on the field, defend, strike, midfield or even goalkeeping.

As a player, you will be in charge of all things he does; playing styles, reactions to getting sent off, his interactions with the coach and decide where and when to go on loan.

Cover athlete

Borussia Dortmund and Germany national team playmaker Marco Reus will be the face of the game replacing Lionel Messi who has been the cover athlete since 2013. Reus emerged the winner in a global cover vote conducted by EA Sports routing fellow contestants, James Rodriquez, Eden Hazard and Anthony Martial who were chosen as the ambassadors of the game.

The franchise managed to sign Messi in 2012, luring him from direct competitor, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Release date

FIFA 17 official footage will be available between Friday, September 9 and Tuesday 13 the same month on the EA official website.

The game will then hit stores in the US and other parts of North America on September 27 while players in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world will start getting it from September 29.


Cost and preorders

EA Sports is taking preorders for FIFA 17 on their website at the moment. The game will be available on PCs and consoles – both the current (Xbox One and PS4) and previous generation consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360).

Depending on the platform and the preferred edition, FIFA 17 price ranges between $59.99 for the standard edition and $99.99 for the Super Deluxe Edition. Full details available on EA Sports website.

Despite some critics, FIFA series is still the most popular football game towering the closest competitor Pro Evolution soccer series. Definitely, FIFA 17 will be better than the previous installment and will give you the best football gaming experience.

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