FIFA 17 Goes Free on Xbox One Until June 5th with Huge Discounts

FIFA 17 Xbox One

Electronic Arts FIFA 17 is going free on the Xbox One console for a limited period.

The initiative is being carried forward by Microsoft to bring new players onboard into the big football franchise.

EA has been ruling the roost when it comes to their FIFA series and there are millions of fans around the globe to purchase the game every year. The picture perfect presentation makes the game stand apart from competition and the only alternative gamers have is Pro Evolution Soccer series developed by Konami. FIFA 17 is the latest game available in the series which will be free on the Xbox One console. In order to avail this offer, you should be an active Xbox gold member.


The free weekend commenced on June 1st and will run all the way through June 5th giving enough time for all players to get an idea of how good the game is. Even those who are playing a sports title for the first time because it has more of an arcade feel and doesn’t need any professional experience to get the hang of it. Besides, the single player campaign provided in FIFA 17 had received so much accolades that it is tough to not get impressed by it. You will have a blast enjoying the game that remains interesting throughout the year until FIFA 18 gets launched before the end of 2017.

The offer will end at 11:59 PM PT on June 5th after which you can purchase the FIFA 17 game at 50 percent discount. The only catch is that the particular offer also ends on the same day and the game will return to the normal price tag. As with many other offers, if you purchase the game before June 5th you can carry over all the progress and achievements made in the game. The 50 percent offer is available on the Standard and Deluxe edition version of the game while those who would go with the Super Deluxe edition will receive 30 percent off from the original price tag.

FIFA 17 Xbox One

Players who have already subscribed for the EA Access membership can play FIFA 17 without having to purchase the game as long as they pay the monthly subscription charges. The free play day program introduced by Microsoft had already listed some of the popular and most wanted titles including NBA 2K17, Rocket League, Battlefield 1 and WWE 2K17.