FIFA 17 Receives Update 1 on PC, Xbox One and PS4 Update Coming Soon

Electronic Arts announced that the Update 1 for FIFA 17 is now available for PC gamers.

The same will be rolled out on the Xbox One and PS4 consoles in the following weeks.

FIFA 17 Update on PC

An official announcement was made in the FIFA forum and the developers detailed the changes they have made to the game. Some new components are added to the Premier League broadcast and a gif image of the same was posted in the forum. If you are playing FIFA 17 on PC, you can download the update and experience the changes. Players on consoles however should wait longer until Microsoft and Sony approves the update.

A lot of gameplay changes are made. Whenever players requested a clearance, the cancel became unresponsive which is now fixed. Penalty shootout in very rare occasions extended for longer periods than the proposed time. While this has not been spotted by many, some gamers lodged a complaint and it has been fixed. The AI player’s tendency to attack directly when tackling a ball has been increased while players who often ended up over running the ball when completing a skill move now works as it should.

Bringing out a skill move is no easy task in FIFA 17 but players ended up missing the ball. It was supposed to be in their control when they do such moves. Player switching is now far more accurate especially when you do corner kicks and free kicks. Ball physics has been improved especially when shots are off the goal post. In the earlier version, ball speed drastically reduced when goal shots were missed.

The developers at Electronic Arts have drastically improved the efficiency of ball control and shooting. FIFA 17 has already won the hearts of many but with these minor changes, the game is supposed to feel much better and easier to play. Besides, it allows players to experience single player campaign without any hassles.

FIFA 17 Update on Xbox One

Some of the changes pertain to the pro clubs, ultimate team and the popular career mode. You can head down to the official page to read more of the same and ensure that you update FIFA 17 to the latest version on PC. Console gamers on Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms should wait at least a week or more until an automatic update is initiated by the publishers. More updates are expected in the future to tweak the gameplay further.

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