FIFA 18 Had Maximum Players Online Despite Negative Reviews


Electronic Arts continue to enjoy their immense domination in the world of sports with FIFA 18.

The company has access to all the teams and acquired their licenses for a very long time. It leaves Konami’s PES 2018 in the lurch even though it’s a much better game on the ground, if not with the presentation.

The first weekend for any popular game such as FIFA 18 is crucial and it determines how many have actually purchased it. Besides, it also stands proof to the franchise’s popularity which gets a release every year with very minor improvements.

FIFA 18 Had Maximum Players

Despite negative reviews being very high for FIFA 18 on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms, it seems players who love the series didn’t hesitate to buy it. According to the numbers, a massive 1.6 million players played the game on all platforms.

When they say all platforms, it should be interpreted as the collective numbers between PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and we assume it includes the PC as well through Electronic ARTS’ Origin digital game delivery platform.

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Tweeting their Success

When they have over a million players enjoying their creation, obviously the company is going to feel really proud and share it with the world. “That’s a lot of people playing FIFA 18” said representatives of EA in their tweet.

The only drawback in this claim is that there is no actual record as to how many players enjoyed FIFA 17 or FIFA 16 on launch day to compare this with. But, 1.6 million is a huge number and they have more than one reason to celebrate the success.

Within the first week of its release, the developers have already rolled out the first patch update on PC. The game is available on all major platforms including the PS3 and Xbox 360 with reduced graphics so that it would run on outdated hardware without any hiccups or lags.

FIFA 18 competes with PES 2018, Pro Evolution Soccer every year but usually emerges as the winner. However, this time most critics on top websites opine that gameplay is just exceptionally well done on the PES whereas EA’s game doesn’t show any significant improvement in any area. It is the same rehash of everything that was seen in FIFA 17 but being delivered in a new package.

Will Electronic Arts make things better and become the top leader again with FIFA 19 next year? They should or may lose to competition for being careless.

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