Finding the Cause for the Note 7 Combustion – Samsung Starts Looking for Answers and Expands Probe

Samsung investigation

According to the Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics, the tech giant has to improve, re examine and thoroughly improve the way it works.

Scrambling for Answers

Kwon Oh hyun, the Chief Executive of Samsung Electronics, said in his recent address that the technological giant must improve. The company is reeling from the withdrawal of the Note 7 mobile phone, which has proved extremely expensive for it.

Note 7 Combustion

Re examining their Perspectives

He did not directly make a reference to the Note 7 debacle, but stated that the employees of Samsung should retrospect and wonder whether there was some complacency in the way they worked. According to the Chief Executive, the company has overcome several crises through its history, so they should take this opportunity to take a big step forward. They must re examine and improve the way in which they worked, reexamine the way they think about an innovation and their perspectives with regard to their customers.

Quick Recovery

Samsung has stated that it is aiming to make a quick recovery from the withdrawals of the Note 7 last month. Many questions have been raised regarding the reliability, safety and credibility of the company’s quality control features. The mobile earnings for the third quarter have come down to the lowest possible level, compared to the earnings over the past 8 years. However, the company has not held anyone responsible publicly.

Expanding the Probe

Initially, the fires connected with the Note 7 devices were blamed on the batteries of the devices. However, the company is now expanding the probe beyond the battery problems. It is attempting to analyze and look for answers regarding the issue, as it is a major product failure incident in the entire history of technology.

Battery Problems

The battery supplier, Samsung SDI, along with Samsung Electronics, is expecting to make announcements of the probe results for the Note 7 fire problems, according to one SDI executive. According to Kim Hong gyeong, an SDI executive, the weakness was present in some of the batteries of the devices, but the specific cause of the problem is still under analysis. Samsung SDI has also stated that Samsung Electronic will make announcement regarding the probe, but there was no timeframe given. According to analysts, nearly Samsung SDI supplied 60% of the batteries in the Note 7 devices.

Is Samsung SDI Responsible

According to another executive of Samsung SDI, the battery problem pertained only to the ones supplied for the Note 7, as the company was going to be the supplier of batteries for the new Samsung smartphone model that would be released in the early part of 2017. According to SDI, the company has checked the battery safety with several of its other customers and there are no defects in the batteries.

Samsung investigation

Cause Under Investigation

In short, the Note 7 issue is still under investigation and you cannot expect any explanation for the fire any time soon. According to Reuters, the investigation made by Samsung will have to be a thorough one and the results will only be available by the end of this year.

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