Finest Smartphones and Tablets for Mobile Gaming in 2016, Plus Upcoming Devices

Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is so much popular in the current world. You are probably a big fan of gaming on mobile phones but may have not identified the best device or just bored with your current device which is not giving you the desired gaming experience.

Naturally, gaming on mobile phones/tablets has the mobility advantage but it sucks when you have to charge your gadget regularly. Here is a list of best gaming smartphones and tablets we’ve selected in 2016, not necessarily with the best setup. Check it out!


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is indeed one of the most expensive high-end smartphones to be true, but the Samsung product is a definite idol in mobile gaming. S6 sports a 5.1-inch AMOLED display capable of 2560*1440 resolution that brings along the best imagery. The smartphone is powered by a self-tailored 64-bit Exynos SoC which is also one of the best in the market.


The device, though slightly larger than the S6, achieves same outcomes in mobile gaming just like its Samsung counterpart. The G4 has a larger display of 5.5-inch but features the same resolution as Samsung Galaxy S6. The device has a long lasting 3000mAh battery with a 3GB RAM and a 16-megapixel primary focus. However, the G4 is weighed down with its bearable slower Snapdragon 808 hexacore, but it’s still a better choice.

Acer Predator 6 (Upcoming)

Unfortunately, the device is not ready for shipping but we can assure the smartphone will compare to nothing else in gaming. The upcoming mobile gaming giant will sport a 6-inch HD display, a 4GB RAM featuring a titanic deca-core MediaTek SoC! In addition, Predator 6 will come with four decently designed speakers. If you want a decent 48-hour uninterrupted gaming session, then the Predator 6 is your answer.

Mobile gaming



This device is not the best in terms of specs but it’s among the best gaming tablets in the world. The NVIDIA SHIELD LTE features a 2GB RAM, a primary camera of 5 megapixel and a 32GB internal memory. The SHIELD is chiefly elevated by its chipset. The device is powered by a self-made SoC, NVIDIA Tegra K1, which was specifically tailored for gaming. The stronger version goes at $399 while the weaker at $299. The tablet is a powerful gaming tool that every gamer should try out.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony’s Z2 is the next choice in our list. The tablet outclasses NVIDIA shield in terms of both performance and size. Though an old tablet, the Sony’s product has certain features that make it one of the best gaming tablets. With this tablet, you can extend your gaming locations to anywhere, it’s fully waterproof which means you can game while relaxing in a bathtub. Z2 is also getting the admired Lollipop update packed with an impressive 3D sound system. In fact, Z2 is even better than its predecessor, the Z4, in terms of gaming because the later has a weaker battery life.

Dell Venue 8 7000

Dell’s Venue 8 7000 is again another hard to ignore tablet in aspects of mobile gaming. The device is outshone by NVIDIA SHIELD in terms of performance but better-looking, larger and shares same market price with the SHIELD. It is powered by an Intel Z3580 chipset featuring a 2.3GHz quad-core CPU. What makes Venue peculiar is its bigger screen, an 8.4-inch display with 1600*2560 resolution.

Mobile gaming


Finally, we have discussed outstanding smartphones and tablets we have singled out as the best devices to give you the best mobile gaming experience like never before. However, if a choice had to be made then the Predator 6 will surely be the pick. The specs of the upcoming game beast compare to nothing in the current setup. The smartphone’s outrageous characteristics and specs are undeniably made for gaming and not any other thing. Keep following us and we’ll update you when the phone is here, as for now, you can try out the NVIDIA SHIELD or Samsung Galaxy S6. But this doesn’t mean gaming on the other devices is not the best; it is what they are good at, that’s why they made the cut.

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