Firefox OS on Phones is No More, Mozilla to Focus on IoT

Firefox OS end date set

Mozilla has announced that it will be discontinuing its unpopular Firefox OS on phones this coming May.

This is a follow-up revelation to what the company had earlier termed as a halt to the development of this operating system. With the latest announcement, you won’t be seeing any newer version of this OS as from May onwards.

According to George Roter, the head of Participation Lab, the smartphone OS will be stopped once the company is done with version 2.6.

Firefox OS 2.6 to be released in May

At the moment, reports are that Mozilla is planning to roll out the new Firefox OS 2.6 in May. If this materializes, Roter says that it will be the last version of this OS to be released.

As mentioned earlier, Mozilla announced in December that it will be ending this OS after being around for at least four years. In what has been a move that seems undecided yet, the company has mentioned that it will be channeling the freed-up resources to develop a much better operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT) or simply connected devices.

Tough competition led to killing of Firefox OS

Mozilla has been developing this web-based smartphone OS for more than four years now. Why end it all over a sudden? Well, one obvious reason behind this move is the fact that Firefox OS has no real chance against players such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The company also wants to direct its efforts to one thing rather than diverse its resources and energies as well.

Firefox OS 2.6 to be released in May

As a result, Roter notes that Mozilla had to make this much-needed switch from the already successful smartphones to something that is new – connected devices. The company wants to direct its energies on prototyping the future of IoT and how it can make the most notable impact in this area.

No apps for Firefox OS as from March 29

Other than discontinuing the Firefox OS, Mozilla will also be removing apps associated with this OS from its app store. Whether it is a Web, desktop or tablet app; the company won’t be accepting any more submissions after March 29. There is still some good news, though. After March 29, users of Firefox OS smartphones will be able to access apps from the company’s store. With this move, the company seems to have finally conceded defeat in a war it was never meant to win.

Even though Mozilla is believed to be moving to IoT, this has not been clarified yet.


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