First iPhone 7 Leaked Images Confirm Flagship’s Design

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is not expected until later this year, however, as usual, rumors and speculations have started showing up regarding what Apple might be building for its next flagship.

In what can be confirmed as the first iPhone 7 image leaks, it seems Apple is working on something that could possibly become one of the most talked-about in the history of the iPhone. Of course, Cupertino is known for its high levels of innovation, however, if the latest reports remain true, then lovers of the iPhone are in for a huge surprise.

The leaks, which come courtesy of the famous online leaker, OnLeaks, suggest that Apple is working on a brand new design for the new phone, but with the changes are not major. Here’s what Apple seems to be planning for the upcoming iPhone flagship.

No antenna bands

Rumors have been rife that Apple is working on ways to eliminate the antenna bands that have become synonymous with iPhones. Well, it seems there is a breakthrough as the company has found a way to deal with the antenna stripes that usually cut into the chassis of the phone to help with signal strengths. If this materializes, we’ll see an iPhone 7 that is cleaner in appearance, but expect the bands to still appear at the bottom and top edges of the device.

A better camera

With Samsung finally conceding that the quality of cameras is not entirely dependent on the number of megapixels, Apple wants to make the next iPhone camera an even much better match. The latest reports are that Apple wants an iPhone 7 camera that has a larger module. Despite being large, the next iPhone flagship is expected to have a flatter camera, a change that would be coming in since iPhone 5S was released.

iPhone 7

If by any chance this comes to live, it would mean the company may find trouble installing a dual camera on this device. On the other hand, past reports have indicated that the dual camera technology is reserved for the iPhone 7 Plus model as Apple looks for other ways to differentiate this Plus version from the standard version other than the physical size.

A slimmer iPhone 7

Even though the leaked renders have nothing related to the dimensions, it seems Apple wants to make the iPhone 7 even slimmer than what it managed with the iPhone 6. However, it might face issues related to battery size. Samsung has managed to come in with a slim Galaxy S7 that still accommodates a decent battery of 3000mAh, if Apple can do the same, it could easily affect its next flagship’s sales.

As mentioned earlier, Apple seems to be making subtle changes to the design language of the iPhone 7, yet this is the year it is expected to come in with wholesale changes. The iPhone 6 and 6S were more of the same in design and it seems Apple will only be making changes to the antenna bands and camera module.

Some will be wondering whether to believe the latest leaks from OnLeaks. Well, he did it with iPhone 6 and 6S as well as Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, why not for iPhone 7?

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