Forget the Nokia 8, there’s a bigger – and probably better – Nokia phone coming

Nokia 8 and Google Pixel 2

The Nokia 8 was unveiled a couple of days ago and it should start selling in select markets starting early September.

There are reports that the Nokia 8 will not be coming to the U.S. anytime soon. This won’t be anything strange, considering that the Nokia 6 took months before finally reaching the U.S. last month. However, it might also present fans of bigger phones a better opportunity of getting a Nokia phone of their choice.

The Nokia 8 comes with some of the best hardware specs and features on the planet, but some will probably skip it just because of the 5.3-inch display screen size. Things can change really fast in the tech world. A few years ago, a 5.3-inch smartphone was considered a really huge device, but today, it’s seen as a compact size, which is what think of the Nokia 8.

Now, if this was your only reason for skipping the Nokia 8, the company has some good news for you. Thanks to Russian news outlet 4PDA, which spoke to the Finnish company’s officials during the launch of the Nokia 8, there’s another phone in the making with a larger display than the 8.

The Nokia 6 has the largest display size of 5.5 inches, which is what many people prefer these days. It’s unlikely that the new phone will ship with a similar screen size, but a 5.7-inch panel is possible. If you are a fan of bezel-less designs, well, the company’s Global Marketing Director, Neil Broadley, says that “Nokia has never been a brand that follows others,” instead, “we focus on what will be best for users.”

Nokia believes that customers still want flat screen phones and thus the bigger Nokia phone will probably stick to the same design language as the Nokia 8. Even though no specs were mentioned, it’s likely that this bigger Nokia phone will not just be bigger in size, but also in terms of raw power. As a result, an upgrade over the current specs of the Nokia 8 is possible, including a jump to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, which is what most premium phones are offering these days.


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