FS22 Mods – What We Can Expect?

Build your farm from ground zero in three diverse European and American environments by playing the role of a modern farmer. Farming Simulator 22 provides a wide array of farming options ranging from animal husbandry, agriculture to forestry, along with some additional seasonal cycles.

On November 22, you are likely to witness over 400 machines and tools from more than 100 authentic agricultural brands like Valtra, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, New Holland, Case IH, CLAAS, John Deere, and many more are added to sow and harvest seasonal crops like cotton, potatoes, corn, and wheat.

In addition, the developers of the game have included several new categories of machines and crops, which are likely to deliver a unique gameplay experience. Like its previous edition, Farming Simulator 22 will bring something new to the table, including improved graphics, more freedom, new maps, new crops, a new season, and new challenges to becoming a successful farmer.

Game History

Farming Simulator is the most popular farming simulation video game series, allowing you to become a professional and responsible farmer. Earlier, this game was published by Focus home interactive, but now it is taken over by Giants software.

This game is often referred to as a farming puzzle, where players have the freedom to grow crops, breed livestock, farm, and sell assets generated from farming. You would be amazed to know that the developers have sold more than 25 million copies of this game, along with 90 million mobile downloads.

What Are The Unique Features Of Farming Simulator 22?

The Giant software has announced the release date of the upcoming version of Farming Simulator, that is, November 22. In addition, the developers have introduced new features that you are likely to witness in the gameplay.

Three New Crops

Grow your juicy business with grapes! Yes, you read that right. You will be growing grapevines on the curved fields and hillsides. The developers have added grapes to provide a scenic view of the vineyard and the necessary equipment required for efficiently harvesting this crop.

Apart from that, you also have to focus on the crop calendar and accordingly plant your grapes. If growing grapes isn’t enough to add a new essence to your delicate taste, then you can move forward to plant olive trees on your farms.

However, you should know that harvesting olives are different from grapes as you have to harvest them a little quicker than grapes. At last, they have also added a new grain named sorghum. It is a highly nutritious food due to its dietary fibers, which can be used in many forms for consumption.

Productions Chains

The gameplay also includes a production chain for every crop, especially grapes, Olives, and sorghum. That means after harvesting your crops, you can process them and manufacture your product to sell in the market, only if you like to, though! Well, you might be wondering how to make more out of grapes?

You can start by making delicate and delicious grape juice, or you can consider selling dry grapes. However, you can make premium-grade olive oil using freshly harvested olives. Also, you can use sorghum to produce fine flour. You will witness a lot more after looking at the three new crops and their production chains.

Seasonal Cycles

Aside from new maps, new crops, new machines, new brands, and improved graphics are something that most players would expect. Since the Farming Simulator 22 game will release in the fourth quarter of 2021, the gameplay features snow and cold weather too, where players have to face new challenges and plant their crops strategically.

Whether you work in a different profession or run your farm, every aspiring farmer is allowed to build their farm in Farming Simulator 22, but you should know that every good time comes with today’s hard work. That means you will face real-life challenges while growing your farm. The best part is it would be easier for new players to blend in and progress in the gameplay.

New Maps

In the upcoming version of farming simulator 22, players can build production chains and manufacture their products. The developers added that players could even sell their products to supermarkets, but they have to provide essential resources to every factory to complete the production chain. After revealing the new feature of the production chain, the Giants software also unveiled one of its new maps: Elmcreek.

This map is inspired by the Midwest region of the U.S., featuring vast space and large fields for building farms. You will also see a baseball stadium, a waterfall, underpasses, rivers, and a highway. The second map would be the upgraded version of the alpine erlengrat map, featuring new machines and crops, more realistic AI, a new season system, and much more.

New Build Mode

You can customize your farming experience with the new build mode, including the placement and landscaping of buildings. The developers have focused on improving the two factors: to make it more user-friendly and add some additional features like production chains, which require an extended version of build mode. That means you will get more placeable items and have more control over redesigning your farm.

The developers have made it easier for players to switch between landscaping, objects, and placing buildings. Apart from this, there are some new features added to the brand-new build mode. For planting olives and grapes, you need to build vines. To do that, you have to stripe the fields using the build mode and build vines. However, if you are more into animals, you can also build fences for creating your animal husbandry.

How Can Modding Help In Improving Your Gaming Experience?

First, you should know that the farming simulator series offers the users the possibility to add mods to the game and personalize their gaming experience. Most of you might wonder about how to develop or install FS22 mods? There are many websites, like official ModHub, ModLand, and many others, which have guides to help you with modding. Players can create it as there are countless mods for tools, vehicles, buildings, maps, etc., featured inside FS games.

That means you can upgrade your vehicle, add more buildings, or customize the games to align with your interest. Moreover, using different FS mods would help make the game even more enjoyable, and once you have created your own mod, you can share it with other players in the FS community. So, to successfully create an fs22 mod, you are required to learn several things first:

  • Use of Giant 3D modeling tools
  • Create custom mods for the Farming simulator.
  • Export models to FBX, 3D Max, Maya, or Blender.
  • 3D simulation and modeling.

As discussed above, there are tons of FS mods available over the internet, and some of them make the game far more interesting, like hof Bergmann, course play, global company, the big bud tractors, follow me, krone BiGx 580, and many more.

How Will Modding Be Different In Farming Simulator 22?

Modding extends the original game, allowing players to create their own FS22 mods like maps, vehicles, trucks, or any item featured inside the game. Earlier, there were rumors that the gameplay won’t support fs mods. Still, after the official announcement of the release date, we can say that modding will effectively keep users engaged with the gameplay.

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