Galaxy S7 Edge – Voted Among the Ten Most Popular Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

The Note 7 Edge has been voted among the top ten most popular smartphones, having the least electromagnetic radiation levels, when compared to the ten most popular phones all over the world.

Least Level of Electromagnetic Radiation

The Note 7 Edge from Samsung is rated as a mobile phone with the least level of electromagnetic radiation, w hen compared with ten other smartphones all over the globe.

SAR or specific absorption rate indicates the radiation absorbed in a human being’s body when using a mobile phone. If the rating is higher, it means that more radiation is absorbed. The rate is generally expressed in W/kg for every gram or ten grams of body tissue.

Note 7 Edge

Comparisons of SAR

PhonAndroid states that the Note 7 Edge had an SAR of 0.264 w/kg, which is the least among the top ten most popular mobile phones. Asus ZenFone 3 follows this at 0.278 w/kg and then A5 of Galaxy at 0.290 w/kg and Lenovo Moto Z having an SAR of 0.304 W/kg. The highest radiation was seen in the Honor 8 by Huawei with 1.5 W/kg and the Huawei P9 phone with 1.43 W/kg. The iPhone 7 comes quite high at 1.38 w/kg with the iPhone 7 Plus is the fourth highest at 1.24 w/kg.

Best Camera

The has also been declared as a phone coming with the best camera, according to German consumers. Mobile Geeks, an Internet news provider of Germany, had conducted the survey among 3000 of its local customers and according to 39% of the members, the S7 Edge comes with the best camera.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Why Low SAR is Better

It is commonsense to realize that less exposure to radiation is better. The best thing to do would be to opt for a smartphone that has a low SAR rating. Samsung seems to score on this point, as the company makes twelve of the lowest SAR phones. Samsung has been able to achieve this due to some groundwork that was done by Vortis Technology, a start up in Silicon Valley. After a new isotropic rule by the FCC, Samsung started the R&D modes, which resulted in innovations in the antenna systems. This resulted in enhancing the safety of their smartphone radiations, as most of the RF energy was transmitted away from the user. This is the reason why Samsung is able to consistently offer low SAR mobile phones.

Adopting the Technology

By adopting the new technology, the companies can get a win-win situation, for the industry as well as consumers. However, Vortis Technology is not yet available in mobile phones in order to make them safer to use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge

As for the SAR of the Note 7 Edge devices, it may also vary according to the particular cellphone carrier, for instance, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. It is also assumed that the user carries the device in a holder that is approved by the manufacturer and keeps the device at a certain distance from his or her body.

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