Galaxy S7 has an Always On Display: Do You Know What it Means?

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is already available for sale after it was officially launched on March 11 as the company had promised at its unveiling ceremony.

While a lot has not changed about the design language of the device, there is one much talked-about feature the company has included on the Galaxy S7. The phone comes with the sale display size of 5.1-inches that features the Super AMOLED technology, just like its predecessor. However, Samsung has been vocal about the new Always On feature that comes integrated into this year’s flagship screen.

The main reason Samsung did this is to eliminate the hassle of pressing buttons whenever one wants to check out common things like notifications, dates, time and so on. The company notes that on average, users check their devices for these things about 150 times a day. They have to press the power button for them to see the time and date and in case of viewing notifications, more action is needed, which means more time is required.

This year’s Galaxy S7 has a screen that actually never powers off fully. When the phone is locked, the screen remains dimly lit. To help you understand, here’s what this Always On display means.


Samsung has an Always On Display option in the Settings app. Find this option and when in there, you can simply disable the feature in case you don’t want it. You can also select the content you want to be displayed on the screen by hitting “Content to show.”

There is room to change the appearance of your choices as well as the style of buttons. You can choose from a variety of clocks as well as set a background image for your chosen clock. The calendar also has several options you can choose from.


Galaxy S7The Always On display of the Galaxy S7 will ensure that viewing notifications is a hassle-free process. However, since the feature is still young, it apparently displays notifications from Samsung apps only. So, be sure to see messages, missed calls as well as calendar notifications by simply taking a glance at your S7’s screen. This also means that there is still no room for apps from other companies such as WhatsApp, Gmail or Twitter. However, we hope that they will be added sooner than later in order to bring the Galaxy S7 on similar terms as the LG G5, which supports all alerts with its Always On display feature.

There is room for further customization

The good thing with the new Always On Display is that it can be customized to appear as you wish. Samsung offers quite a number of themes that you can play around with and are available under AOD through Settings>Themes on your S7. AOD stands for Always On Demand.

Screen display is known for its detrimental effect on a phone’s battery life. Well, this Galaxy S7 Always On display feature has been made possible thanks to the magic behind AMOLED technology. This tech, together with the latest Snapdragon 820 CPU, work together to ensure that no more than 1% of your phone’s battery juice is consumed by the Always On feature on an hourly basis.

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