Galaxy S8 Rumors – A Front Camera Having Autofocus Features – Taking the Selfie to a New Level

Galaxy S8 autofocus feature

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a front camera having autofocus features.

Flagship Phone

The S8 is the next flagship smartphone to be offered by the Korean giant. Normally, Samsung introduces its new flagship model of the S series at the Mobile World Congress event. Therefore, it is expected that the new S8 from Samsung will also be announced at the event to be held on the 27th of February in 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The new S8 will be a flagship smartphone and to true to its name, it will come with high-end features that attract users. It is all the more expected because of the debacle of the Note 7 and its subsequent global recalling.

Enhanced Capabilities

Nowadays, it has become important to introduce enhanced camera abilities in flagship smartphones. Users are getting more and more interested in using these advanced features for clicking images or taking videos from their mobile handsets. The latest news in a Korean news publication shows that Samsung will increase the abilities of the front camera for the upcoming S8. This will lead to improved quality of selfies that are taken on the flagship smartphone.

Autofocus Function

Galaxy S8 autofocus feature

The autofocus feature of the S8 will take the selfie to an entirely new level, according to rumors. There are a few mobile handsets that come with autofocus or AF features, but it is still quite rare. Some anonymous sources have informed ETNews that Samsung is in the process of introducing an AF actuator of encoder type for the S8 front cameras.

Improved Technology

The autofocus actuator is present in the module of the camera for controlling the location of the lens and for adjusting the focal length automatically. Earlier, Samsung had used the fixed type of focus for its front cameras, as these were cheaper and also smaller in size. However, user expectations are continually increasing and Samsung seems to have come to a decision to offer enhanced technology for its future flagship offerings, despite the higher cost.

According to some observers, selfies have become very popular and there is greater demand for smartphones that offer better quality of selfie photos. Samsung has probably decided to bring in the actuators for the S8 front cameras so that the smartphone becomes differentiated from others of the competition.

Dual Lens and Other Rumors

galaxy s8 Dual Lens

Another rumor states that apart from the improved front camera, the upcoming S8 will also have dual lens for the back or rear camera. There are some phones in the market that feature such a dual camera feature, such as the LG G5, the Huawei P9 and the iPhone 7 Plus. This feature enhances the quality of images and the user can take images having high quality along with wide-angle pictures.

Reports from the Tech Times imply that Samsung will move on from a flat screen and offer curved screens for all the S8 versions. The new device will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon, 830 processor and will have a RAM of 4 GB or even 6 GB.

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