Get Customized iPhone 7 AirPods to match your Black, Space Gray or Jet Black Color Variant for $99

Apple iPhone 7 AirPods

Apple iPhone 7 was launched without one of the most essential features in the gadgetry industry – the 3.5mm headphone jack. While this was not received well by some fans, the company had a way of covering up this shortcoming.

At launch, the Apple iPhone 7 was accompanied by AirPods, which are basically wireless earphones that are meant to work with the phone. With this gadgets, users of this phone can easily establish a wireless connection so that they can continue listening to music while at the same time charging their phones. A quick look at the Apple Store will reveal that these AirPods are available in a white finish and will set you back $159.00.

If you are the person who enjoys style, folks at BlackPods have something really interesting for you. Rather than don a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus while listening to music via white AirPods, BlackPods will paint your current pair of AirPods for a fee of just $99. This means that you can now enjoy a uniform set of gadgets that really defines your style. The good side of the story is that BlackPods will give you any color you want to match with your iPhone 7, be it Black or even Space Gray.

Apple iPhone 7 AirPods

Alternatively, BlackPods wants you to save a few dollars by directly buying a pair of already customized AirPods from them. Apparently, the platform lists this offering for $249, which means you’ll end up saving about $9 from the previous $258 it would have cost for buying the wireless earphones on your own and then sending them to BlackPods for customization.

According to BlackPods, each piece of their work is as a result of a team of skilled artisans who also subject the AirPods to rigorous visual and quality inspections to ensure that customers are getting the best devices in the market. If you are in the mood for customized Apple iPhone 7 AirPods, visit the official BlackPods store via this official link and pre-order yours now.

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