Gionee S6 Pro Specifications Leaked in TENAA Certification

Gionee S6 Pro

Only recently, the Gionee S6 tried to be the perfect mid-range smartphone for those who are looking for some offerings aside from the mainstream HTCs and Samsungs.

It was very much expected – during the unveiling of the Gionee S6 – that the company would come up with a Gionee S6 Pro with slightly improved features. The two phones were expected to be sold at the same time given that the former would especially struggle in certain areas against phones like the Moto G4 Plus.

The Gionee S6 Pro could be a reality after all, as the device was recently featured in a TENAA certification. The phone is reportedly being prepared for launch in the Chinese markets for starters. Aspects like the 5.5 inch display, which has a major dominance on the overall looks of the phone, comes with only 720p resolution in the case of the Gionee S6. This aspect is now bumped to 1080p resolution on the new Gionee S6 Pro. This makes a massive difference and is especially the need of the hour on the larger display.

Due to the massive 5.5-inch screen size, even 1080p resolution only provides a maximum pixel density of 420 PPI. Just like many other smartphones these days, the Gionee S6 Pro comes with android 6.0 marshmallow out of the box. However, it comes with a user interface which has been winning mixed reviews. Many are of the opinion that Gionee S6 Pro will be able to do well with the stock android system.

Gionee S6- Pro

Unusually, the thickness of the Gionee S6 Pro has been increased compared to the regular version. It is now 7.6 mm in thickness rather than just 6.9 mm thin in the case of the Gionee S6. Even though the increase in thickness does make the phone looks bulky, but there does not seem to be any major advantage in terms of battery life. The larger 5.5-inch screen is still powered by the same 3130 mAh battery. Unlike before, though, the phone will offer USB Type-C for both data connectivity and charging aspects.

Rather than the innovative rear position of the fingerprint sensor, the Gionee S6 Pro has the conventional home button that doubles up as the fingerprint sensor on the front of the device. The Gionee S6 Pro has a 13-megapixel camera in the rear while the front facing eight-megapixel camera is also excellent.

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