Gmail Updated to Version 5.0.3 for iOS, Revamped with a New Design, Undo Send Feature and More

Gmail 5.0.3 for iOS

It is time for a heads up for all the Gmail users on iOS.

The Gmail app has been updated on the iOS platform to version 5.0.3 by Google and has been brought in at par with the Android version of the app. The company has announced the latest update as one of the biggest rebuildings of the app in nearly past four years. The largest element of this overhaul is fleshed out by the visual aspect of the app as it has been completely redesigned. The fresh interface of the app on the iOS platform is fairly implicative of its Android version which has also been based on the same philosophy of Material Design.

Gmail 5.0.3 for iOS

The Undo Send Feature

The latest update for iOS version 5.0.3 of Gmail does not stop with the redesigning, but it also adds another important feature which was missing previously from the app, the Undo Send feature. There would have been times when the user must have sent a mail by mistake and had wanted to undo it, but unfortunately, could not do that. However, now, with the arrival of the Undo Send feature, the users will be able to prevent the humiliation which could be possibly caused in case of such a situation. The users will be given options to be able to choose from windows of 5, 10, 20, and 30-seconds, during which they can perform the Undo Send function. The users can Undo Send the mail from the Sent mail tab. This feature can also be turned on and adjusted from the Gmail Settings by looking out for the Undo Send feature. This Undo Send feature is already available on the desktop version of Gmail and has now been extended to the iOS platform.

The Product Manager of the search giant had mentioned in an official blog post that it is the same Gmail which the users know and love which will be coming out with a fresh new look along with sleeker transitions and a few much-awaited features, apart from a getting a lot faster too.

Gmail 5.0.3 for iOS Spelling Suggestions

Quick and Better Spelling Suggestions

The updated Gmail app version 5.0.3 on the iOS platform now provides the user with better suggestions for spellings, apart from allowing the user to search for emails more quickly. The company said in its blog post that the new Gmail is now capable of searching faster to come up with instant results and offers better spelling suggestions when there is a typo (like if the user had typed ‘flighht’, instead of really what is meant to be ‘flight’).

Swipe to Archive and Delete Mails

Apart from these features, the new update for Gmail on the iOS platform also makes it easy to archive and delete emails. The users will now just have to swipe across the page in order to archive and delete the emails right there from within the Gmail app on an iOS device.

Google Update to Calendar App

Update to Calendar App

Recently, Google had also overhauled its Calendar app on the iOS platform with new landscape mode for the Month and Week views apart from getting the ability to add Non-Gregorian calendars like Lunar, Hindu, and Islamic calendars that can be used alongside the native Calendar app and support for the Spotlight Search feature. With Google offering support, the users can now also use the Spotlight Search feature to look for events, Reminders, and goals in the calendar app.

The new Gmail updated version 5.0.3 is available already. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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