Google Adds Apple to its Growing List of Cloud Services Customers


Google and Apple are not just business rivals, but also partners as well. This comes in the wake of reports suggesting that the iPhone maker has penned a deal of between $400 and $600 million to make use of the Google’s Cloud Platform.

This means that Apple will be cutting down its overreliance on Amazon Web Services or simply AWS and instead partner with its long-time rival in the tech industry. Even though this news has just started taking shape, reports reveal that the deal was agreed towards the end of last year. However, the move will not affect the entirety of Apple’s relationship with Amazon as it is still believed iCloud and other services will still depend on AWS.

At the moment, not much can be said about the deal, however, it is believed to be in the regions of half a billion dollars. When quizzed by CRN online publication network, an AWS spokeswoman distanced the company from the deal, claiming that no vendor that understands business would want to go public about the details of deals with their customers. In addition, she added that there is no need of implying competitive defection in cases where it doesn’t exist.

Dropbox and Spotify are also ditching AWS

It is not a surprise that Apple is shifting some of its services from AWS, however, the surprise here is that it is moving them to a Google Cloud Platform. Considering the financial status Apple, it would have been ideal to go the Dropbox way, which also announced that it will be leaving AWS and instead move to its own cloud storage services. Despite this switch, the company still reserved some sweet words for the Amazon-owned services, pointing out that AWS has played a huge role in bringing Dropbox to where it is at the moment.


Dropbox says that the reason for ditching AWS is due to the growing needs of their users, however, it will still be working with AWS in any situation possible.

Spotify is also taking the same direction as Dropbox and Apple as the music streaming company says it will be moving its infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud. However, content-delivery services and storage of music files will still be handled by AWS.

While this is happening, Amazon recently unveiled a new application – AWS Database Migration Service – after having had it in trials for quite some time now. As of now, all users of AWS can access this new app and migrate their databases from other platforms to AWS.

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