Google Allo and Duo Apps Receive Design Updates ahead of Official Release

Google Hangouts, Google Allo and Google Duo

Google used the 2016 I/O developer conference to reveal a series of other messaging apps to add to its ever-growing list of chat apps.

Google Allo and Google Duo are the two apps in question here and apparently, the apps have already started receiving some notable updates and improvements. Of course, Allo and Duo are yet to be made public by the search engine giant, however, the company has already commenced design changes that have made the two apps look uniform.

Google Allo has been built with an aim of building support for a number of the company’s machine learning as well as AI-based technologies. On the other hand, Google Duo comes in as a messaging application that makes everything about one-to-one video calls a no brainer. Google also boasts that this app brings with it the best connection speeds as well as strong encryption that will ensure no third party is able to intercept any call.

As mentioned earlier, these two apps are yet to be released, however, Google promised to have them ready this summer. With the latest updates, it seems the company is indeed working towards meeting this deadline.

The latest updates bring with them minor updates to both Google Allo and Duo. Where the former’s icon has changed from using red text and a gray background to white text and a blue background, the latter’s icon has changed from white text and blue background to blue text and gray background. Again, as noted earlier, the change in color of text and backgrounds has moved these two apps close together as opposed to the previous colors where red on Google Allo was a blatant contrast of the blue color on Google Duo.

Google Allo and Google Duo

As for now, these are the only changes that Google seems to have made on these two chat apps. This is true because the company hasn’t rolled out any other builds for the app apart from the ones availed sometime last month. With a build version, it is easy to tell whether there is any new feature, improvement or even omission when compared to the previous version.

We’ll keep an eye on both Google Allo and Google Duo in order to bring you the latest developments regarding the two messaging apps.

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