Google Allo Gets a New Sticker Pack for Halloween Portraying the Characters of the Netflix Show Stranger Things

Google Allo

This year’s Halloween theme is most likely to be influenced by the new Stranger Things show that is playing under the Netflix banner.

 Stranger Things is a spooky thriller that has managed to be an overnight rage amongst the viewers. To make the show a grand success, many companies are working on associating themselves with everything related to the Stranger Things show and Google seems to the first in line to do so.

Google Allo

About the Stranger Things Show

In case you are not living on any secluded island in the middle of nowhere, then you would definitely be aware of the “Stranger Things” show which is being aired on Netflix from the past few months. The TV series is a thriller show which is set in the 80s that brilliantly captures the lives and times in the US with near-perfection during that decade, by adding elements from the supernatural world. The Netflix show has managed to capture the imagination of the audience across the globe since the time of its release in July. To add to this madness, the show also makes subtle and cult references to a few over-the-top science fiction movies of that era like Poltergeist, E.T., and many others.

Stranger Things Stickers to Google Allo

The search giant has announced that it is partnering with Netflix and is bringing the stickers related to the show to its Allo app as a Halloween gift to its users. Google had added a total of 24 stickers which include the cast of the Stranger Things TV show and a few very famous catchy phrases which will probably add an interesting flavor to the Allo conversations. So the next time a friend makes a mistake while in a conversation on Allo, you will not have to call them stupid yourself. Instead, you can just let “Eleven” call your friend a “mouth-breather”.

For the hardcore fans of Barb out there, Allo has not forgotten her yet as a sticker has been dedicated in the pack for the character, unlike the other friends of Barb from the first season who do not have a sticker yet. There are many stickers in the pack that is dedicated to Dustin, who is everybody’s favorite character, the very famous kids’ squad, and also for Demogorgon. The stickers include a few references from the Netflix show which is likely to cause a giggle or two this Halloween.

The sticker pack of Stranger Things has been specially timed for a Halloween release and is available on both the iOS and the Android platforms. To get the sticker pack, the users will have to head on to the stickers section within any conversation and will then have to select the add option. The users will then have to go to the ‘Browse All’ tab from where they can select the Stranger Things sticker pack. Now, the users can go ahead and add the much-awaited spooky flavor to the conversations on Allo by using these thrilling stickers conceptualized from the Stranger Things show.

Stranger Things Stickers Allo

Meanwhile, there were reports that were recently released regarding the newly released Allo 2.0 app which brought with it many app shortcuts, split-screen multitasking, GIF keyboard, and quick replies features. The update had then mentioned that the company is working on introducing a theme picker. The user will be asked to choose a theme of their choice every time they start a new conversation. The theme can as well be changed at any point of time. Many themes which are so different from each other have been spotted so far which include Pizza, Sorbet, Clouds, and Moon etc. Currently, the users will also be able to access a single theme called the ‘Monochrome’ through the General Settings.

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