Google Allo Lets Users Delete Messages from Conversations

Google Allo

While Google Duo is taking the Play Store by storm, its counterpart, Google Allo, is warming up for the forthcoming official release with quite a number of nifty additions.

Apparently, the app is still not available for download via the Play Store or Apple App Store. But still, this doesn’t mean we can’t get our hands on what this Google Allo app is all about. With Google marketing these two apps as the simplest and easiest to use when it comes to handling their respective tasks, be ready for apps that are very “small” when it comes to features.

Google Duo has a feature known as Knock Knock. With this feature, users can see the background of the caller even before they answer the call. On the opposite end, Google Allo has the ability to delete messages from a conversation, a feature that is expected to help drive masses towards downloading the app, especially those with concerns about their privacy.

The option to delete messages from a given conversation is one of the best things that can happen to an IM. In fact, this feature sits high on the priority list of most users when it comes to choosing which app to use for communication purposes. Considering that Google Hangouts doesn’t offer such a feature, the implementation of the delete function in Google Allo will for sure help grab the attention of not just current users of Hangouts, but also those on other messaging apps.

Google Hangouts, Google Allo and Google Duo

Don’t expect anything strange with this Google Allo implementation. All one will need to do is select a given message they want to delete and get rid of it, but apparently, it is still not possible to do so for multiple messages in a conversation.  Although this feature is only available on the beta version of the app, there are chances that Google will launch the full version with a much more enhanced delete function. Who knows, the app could come with a feature similar to disappearing messages, but probably with a different implementation like with the case of Yahoo Messenger.

With Google Allo also dealing with media files, the delete function also incorporates such files. According to Android Police, selecting a media file, for instance, a photo, for deletion purposes will prompt a message asking whether you also want to delete the same photo from your device’s storage.

Google Allo should be released very soon now that Google Duo is already out.

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