[Update: Allo for Web is now live] Google Allo Web may be launched in a day or two

Google Allo for Web

Update: Google Allo Web is now live. Signing in requires users to scan a QR code, much like WhatsApp Web.

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A little over a month ago, the head of product for Google Allo and Duo, Amit Fulay, said that the former will be getting the Web version in a few more weeks.

Well, it appears that Google Allo Web is finally upon us. Some users on version 15 and above of the mobile app are now receiving an update that suggests the app is getting the long promised web version. The update is not coming via the usual over the air channel, rather, it appears that it has been triggered from the server side.

Those who have already received the update can confirm that the side bar has been updated with a new Allo for Web, which all but confirms Google is ready to make the feature available for users. In fact, it’s possible that Google Allo Web will be ready for use in a day or two.

Google released Allo and Duo close to a year ago. The two were coming in to take the place of Google Hangouts on mobile phones, with the search company working on pushing the latter into the corporate world. However, they have done little to succeed the much-loved Hangouts. Perhaps realizing their mistake, Google decided to integrate Google Duo into Allo, where users no longer need to install both apps on their phones in order to send messages and make calls.

Since Hangouts also offers a web version, the company saw it necessary to start working on the upcoming Google Allo Web. This way, users who spend much of their time in front of a computer can also carry their conversations with them.


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