Google Allo for Web has no support for Google Duo

Google Allo for Web

In February 2017, Google confirmed that it was working on a web client dubbed Allo for Web. As you may have already guessed, this is the web version Google Allo.

Google Allo was released last year and so far, it is struggling to replace Gchat and Hangouts, with the latter set to take the corporate way. The app’s success rate has been somewhat mixed. Five days into its launch, Allo recorded 5 million Google Play Store downloads, but it took two months to double this figure.

Not so long ago, Google Duo, another app that was launched alongside Allo and specifically handles voice and video calls, clocked the 100 million mark in terms of Play Store downloads. As for Allo, it’s still stuck in the 10 million and 50 million bracket. Perhaps Google saw the app’s lack of support for desktops was a major factor in the market performance of the app, which is why we have a new Google Allo for Web.

While this web client basically brings over the Allo client to the web, it doesn’t carry everything that the mobile version offers. More like WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web, there are some features that are left behind.

One thing that made would-be Google Allo fans furious was the fact that the app was strictly limited to messaging. But at some point, Google decided to integrate the services of Duo into Allo. While this is a nice addition, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to install the Duo app on your phone in order to make a call.

What the integration of Duo into Allo essentially does is give users an option to launch calls directly from within Allo rather than have to leave the latter in order to place a call using the former. But you’ll still need both apps literally installed on your phone for this to work. Well, for this reason, the new Google Allo for Web doesn’t include the ability to launch a Duo call from within the client.

It’s possible that Allo for Web might remain a messaging client for quite some time, at least until Google Duo finds itself on the web.

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