Google and Acer Build a 24-Inch Desktop for Video Conferencing

Google Chromebase

The leading search engine giant – Google – and one of the top names in the computer industry – Acer – have joined hands to come up with what is touted as an all-in-one standalone desktop that is tailored towards video conferencing.

With the computer world seemingly remaining a mainstay in the enterprise world, these two tech giants want to take advantage of this market and offer them the best as far as online meetings are concerned.

The product of the two companies’ efforts is known as Chromebase and it’s basically the first 24-inch desktop to be powered by Chrome OS. The system comes with a touchscreen display that gives a resolution of 1080p and at the moment, it can only be bought by dwellers of the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland as well as Australia. Even though there is no definite date of when the Chromebase system will be coming to your region, the fact remains that it will be sooner than later.

Google Hangouts 8.0 to take advantage of the new Chromebase

Just recently, Google updated the Hangouts app with the ability to support up to 25 people in a single video conversation. Now that there is a huge 24-inch screen to work with, those using Google Hangouts on Chromebase to hold meetings will have an even better experience with this system.

Other than the 24 inches of IPS display and 1080p HD resolution, the Chromebase also packs an HD-conferencing camera, two stereo speakers, four microphones, an SD card reader, HDMI slot, as well as Bluetooth v4.0, among other specs. The desktop allows users to take advantage of remote controls when mitigating video and audio issues.

Google Chromebase

With Google known for its ease of use approach as far as hardware and software are concerned, the new Chromebase brings a user-friendlier UI, especially when put head to head with its predecessor. In essence, what Acer and Google are giving you is a system capable of conducting meetings from all over the world while at the same time providing a top-notch feel.

Chrome-based devices are very easy to use and in fact, they come with a preinstalled antivirus system as well as a decent battery life. The new Chromebase is expected to be an equally simple and easy-to-use device, just like its predecessors. Speaking of predecessors, this is not the first video conferencing device to have come from the two tech giants – Google and Acer. In 2014, the two combined to release the first Chrome-based video conferencing device in the market known as Chromebox.

Pricing details

The Acer-made Chromebase costs $799, however, this package comes with free one-year management and support.

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