Google Assistant Can Now Read and Reply SMS Chats for You

Google Assistant on Android TV

When Google Assistant was first unveiled, the search engine giant made us believe that it was only meant to work with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

The story changed a little bit when the Google Home joined the party upon its official release a few weeks later and since then, everything we thought we know about the Google Assistant has changed drastically. At the Mobile World Congress 2017, the LG G6 was confirmed as the first non-Google device to come with support for the Assistant out of the box. Furthermore, Google added that the AI-driven virtual assistant will be no longer restricted to a few devices, rather, it will be pushed as an update to all devices that are installed with Android Marshmallow and above.

Not so long ago, we detailed out an easy and quick way to use if you feel like waiting for the Google Assistant to be made available on your device isn’t working for you at all. If you successfully get it to work, well, it appears that Google has made a nifty touch by adding compatibility with SMS.

LG G6 with Google Assistant

Apparently, the latest version of the Google Assistant has the ability to interact with your SMS app, thus reading the contents of your text messages. In this way, the Assistant can show you the text messages in your SMS app when you simply say “Show me my messages.” It doesn’t end there as the Assistant will go ahead and ask you if you want to hear the message or simply pass it. Responding with “Hear it” will prompt the Google Assistant to read out the SMS loud. You can also choose to reply to the SMS using the Assistant – just say what you want to be sent as the reply to the read messages.

In case you have many text messages in your SMS app, the Google Assistant can still display the most recent one when you say “Show me my last message.” Keep in mind that the Assistant interacts with the app you are using as the default for SMS purposes, be it Google Hangouts, Android Messages or even Facebook Messenger.

Have you tried using Google Assistant with your SMS app? What’s the experience like? Please let us know in your comments below.

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  1. The app works great but it would be better if it read the composed message before it offers to send it

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