Google Assistant versus Apple Siri – A Face Off of the Voice-Based Virtual Assistants

Google Assistant vs Apple Siri

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 being chucked out of the race, the battle to top the charts of being the best smartphone in the market will be played in between the recently released models of the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel.

The most important aspect of this battle is to see how well the virtual assistants Siri and Google Assistant fare against each other.

Voice Based Virtual Assistants

Google is harping about one of the best things it released off late and it is nothing other than its new Pixel smartphones. Apart from the Pixel smartphones, the other thing which Google is boasting around is its Google Assistant, which marks the debut of the voice-based virtual assistant from the tech giant.  The Google Assistant has been released as a part of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone models. It is the virtual assistant same as “Okay Google” but of course, it is the more improvised and enhanced version of it. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the Google Assistant smartly offers its users with suggestions that are more contextually appropriate to give out quick replies by taking into consideration the earlier interactions of the users. The Google Assistant feature is present on the home screen of the smartphone and a long-press of the home button will launch it.

A couple of videos have been released where the Google Assistant has been compared with and pitted against the other virtual assistants like Siri from Apple and Cortana from Microsoft, all of which use artificial intelligence as their brain.

Google Assistant vs. Apple Siri

A first video was released by the popular YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, wherein the Google Assistant on a Pixel XL smartphone was pitted against the frequently criticized Apple’s Siri on an iPhone 7 Plus model. Though Siri has improved steadily over the years, it has still been often regarded as the less intelligent virtual assistant and has been accused of not being able to provide quick answers to all the layered questions.

Google Assistant vs Apple Siri

Though there is not much of a difference in between the two virtual assistants, Siri did seem to lag behind the Google Assistant according to the video release. When context-based queries were made, Google Assistant fared really well, but when Siri had an answer, it was more informative. According to Brownlee, Google Assistant is reportedly more ‘closer to human’ and a more conversational assistant that understands context better because of the company’s Knowledge Graph which is its biggest advantage along with the AI learning benefits, in contrast to the more personable image of Siri which only sticks to third-party search engines like Bing for its results.

Google Assistant was clearly much ahead than Siri in a few scenarios since the former has access to the personal photos of the users. So if a question is asked where the application has to put up the photos of the user taken last month with cats, Google Assistant would do it readily but Siri would definitely fail at giving the relevant answers. When it came to controlling apps or setting the alarm or location reminders, Siri was more conversational and had a funnier outlook than Google Assistant which seemed a little robotic.

Another difference is that Google Assistant tends to read out most of the results, whereas Siri will just display the results and say “Here you go”.

Google Assistant vs. Microsoft Cortana

Meanwhile, TechAltar, which is YouTube-based tech channel, tested the Google Assistant on the new Allo app against the Windows assistant, Cortana. The Google Assistant on Allo is slightly different from that on the Pixel smartphones. Google Assistant is more like a chat box and it gives a more natural and human feel, whereas Cortana gives out a set of cards as results for a query, just like the way Google Now was doing previously. Cortana fared better than Google Assistant in answering the queries which made TechAltar choose the former as a better virtual assistant of the two at the end of the video.

Microsoft Cortana

Of course, if TechAltar had pitted Google Assistant which runs on an actual Pixel phone instead of the one in Allo, the results would have been different since Google Assistant offers more functionality when it is running on the Pixel smartphone instead of other apps.

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