Google Carrier Services App Gets a Major Update that adds Control for Wi-Fi Calling

Google Carrier Services

Google recently rolled out a new Carrier Services app via the Google Play Store and the company is not wasting any time at all, swiftly coming in with the app’s first update since launch that brings it to version 2.1.166.

The Google Carrier Services app has been received differently, with some people still trying to decipher what Google really wants them to do with the app since it does totally nothing. Even before they come to a solid decision, the search engine giant has started making the app useful through updates.

Apparently, a Reddit user has noticed a new feature in the latest version of Google Carrier Services app where users can now use the app to control their phone’s Wi-Fi Calling services. As you may know, the main purpose of this app is to help carriers with providing users with new networking capabilities and this is just one of them.

With the updated Google Carrier Services app, users will now be able to enable and disable Wi-Fi Calling via the app’s Settings. It gets even better as the update also lets users choose between using cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity when making these Wi-Fi calls. There’s no doubt that the latter is a pretty amazing addition for those who might be after saving data when on cellular connectivity because you can pick one option to use for Wi-Fi Calling, including defaulting to Wi-Fi only.

Google Carrier Services

As noted earlier, this feature has been spotted by a Redditor and not everyone has received it just yet, but it should be rolling out to every other user of Google Carrier Services app really soon. Also, be warned that not all devices – and carriers – support Wi-Fi Calling, but for those that are supported, the feature should be available very soon as Google is possibly testing it for now.

Have you received this new v2.1.166 of the Google Carrier Services app? Let us know your experience in the comments below.


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