Google CEO Promises New Features on Nexus Family Devices

Nexus 6P

Nexus devices have been a great choice for those looking to experience android in its purest form.

Up until now, they have also been one of the first devices to receive updates to new versions of android. These two were primarily regarded as the main advantages of going for Nexus devices over the rest. Google, though, are not planning to stop only with these two advantages. Company CEO Sundar Pichai says that Google are looking at the possibility of adding more unique aspects to the Nexus family.

Microsoft are on the verge of quitting the mobile hardware business. The company recently laid off a significant percentage of its workers in the Windows Phone department. The lackluster sales of the Microsoft phones, which are the rebranded Nokia devices, has left a huge void in terms of competitiveness. Google, it seems, is planning to take advantage of the two horse race. Only Apple and Google dominate the mobile operating system segment with BlackBerry also going the way of the latter.

Nexus 5X

Google will see this as a great opportunity to build even more market share for its Nexus phones. Pichai did not exactly reveal details about what Google are working on right now. However, it appears that features like pressure sensitive touchscreens, higher and specifications, and dual camera setup could be amongst them. Pressure sensitive screen or Touch ID has been the talking point of the latest iPhones. Offering this feature in devices apart from iPhones could have a major impact.

After the relative success of the Nexus 6P and the Nexus 5X, Google will be aware that the next generation will be very crucial towards sustaining the new found success. The company has reportedly in discussions with HTC to build the next family of Nexus phones. The Taiwanese giant was believed to be initially excited about the prospect, but there may be reservations at the moment. This is following the mediocre success achieved by HTC 10 smartphone. It leaves HTC with the need to build its own portfolio before making phones for other companies.

Google has focused on improving the feature list on Nexus devices in recent generations. The current generation featured the debut of aspects like fingerprint sensor and an even larger touchscreen display. It is highly anticipated that the new Nexus family will be launched just in time to offer the android N operating system for the first time.

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