Google Chrome 58 Update makes Managing Downloads and Clearing Browser History much Easier

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used web browser on the planet, be it on PCs or mobile devices. Given that the web browsing application lives in a very competitive world, the developers keep on updating it and adding more, newer features aimed at making life much easier for the many who use the browser.

Now, in the latest version of Google Chrome 58, users of the application are getting a much needed update. If you have been having a hard time when it comes to viewing and managing current downloads on Chrome, well, the updated version has a new feature meant for you.

It doesn’t end here as the update also comes with a search feature for downloads pages. In this way, users of Google Chrome will now be able to search for all items or files that have been downloaded via the browser. Just in case you have been downloading numerous files onto your phone and eventually ‘losing’ them, it will now be easy to locate them through this search feature.

In addition to making life easier as far as download management is concerned, the latest Google Chrome 58 update also makes it much easier for those who find it hard erasing their browsing history via the Settings of the app. From now henceforth, it will be possible to clear the history right from the History page, but this doesn’t mean the Settings option no longer works.

Chrome for Android

Chrome Custom Tab also gets some improvements via the new Google Chrome 58, where users will now be able to open pages in a new Chrome tab, just like it happens on the main browser. Other than the new features, the new Chrome browser also comes in with a bunch of bug fixes as well as unnamed stability and performance improvements for Android users.

The updated Google Chrome version is already available for download via the official Google Play Store, so make sure you grab yours to enjoy these new additions.