Google Daydream VR Platform Goes Live for Developers ahead of Launch

Google Daydream VR

The Google Daydream VR platform is one of the most anticipated launches expected to happen at an October 4th event that will also bring to life the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

The search engine giant is finally bringing the Daydream VR platform to life, which is basically out of the beta stage. In short, this means that all potential developers can now have access to the platform.

Coming in as an ambitious upgrade to the initial Google Cardboard, the Daydream VR platform is more like an operating system upon which other OEMs will base their VR products, just like it does with Android OS. With this move, Google is adamant that it will be able to take everything further by offering more than just VR interface development. In fact, there have already been talks of the company planning to come in with its own VR hardware in the not-so-distant future.

What the new Google Daydream VR platform comes to offer is allow users to easily port their Android apps into a VR environment. The platform will be part of Android Nougat phones, but of course, those with the OS running out of the box.

As it is, the Daydream VR platform is now ready for access by developers. This early release means that developers will have enough time to come up with high-quality VR apps and content before Google makes everything official. Google notes that the released SDK makes life a lot easier so that developers can keep their focus on coming in with immersive, interactive mobile VR apps for Daydream-ready devices.

Google Daydream VR

But where are these Daydream-ready phones? According to Google, the Nexus 6P is one great place to start from when looking for a Daydream-compatible phone. However, you are warned that this could lead to an overheated Nexus 6P and in the end you will have poor CPU and GPU performance. Looking at the specs on offer, it is arguable that the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, HTC 10, LG G5, Sony Xperia X Performance, just to name but a few, are Daydream-compatible.

Apparently, the Google Daydream VR platform will be released including the likes of Netflix, MLB, HBO, Hulu, New York Times as well as CNN. There will also be a bunch of games from Electronic Arts as well as Ubisoft.

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