Google Duo Beats Pokémon Go on the Play Store’s Top Downloads List

Google Duo

Google Duo was announced at the I/O 2016 event that was held back in May. With a promise that it will be here in the summer, Google has truly lived up to its promise.

The mobile video calling app was finally unveiled earlier this week, with the global rollout still going on. With less than a week since it was first availed to Android and iOS users, the new Google Duo has surpassed the famous creation from Niantic Labs, Pokémon Go, when it comes to popularity in the Google Play Store.

A quick look at the Android’s Play Store will reveal that the newly-released Google Duo now sits second in the list of the top free apps for users of this platform. Visible under the Top Charts, Duo has now surpassed the famous Pokémon Go, which has now moved to third.

Since its launch, it was hard to imagine that there would come another app that would turn the tables around for the gaming app this soon. However, it seems its time was short-lived, especially since Google Allo should be following suit very soon. Even though Google Duo has eclipsed Pokémon Go, it still faces an up climb when it comes to toppling the leader – Facebook Messenger.

Google Duo

Google Duo is seen as the direct answer to Apple’s FaceTime, which has remained to be an all-time easy to use video calling app for iPhone users. Now that Duo brings in such similar simplicity in terms of making video calls, in addition to coming in with a nifty feature known as Knock Knock, it is easy to say that FaceTime should watch its back. Still, the app has a long way to making this happen with respect to iOS users. Apparently, it rests in position 22 as far as free apps are concerned, AppShopper reports.

As noted earlier, another mobile-based app that focuses on the messaging side of communication – Google Allo – will soon be released. As for the audio calling aspect, it has been rumored that Google will add this functionality to the newly-released Google Duo, but it is not known when this will happen.

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