Google Duo is the best communications app, according to Play Store ratings

Google Duo

Google Duo might not be the most popular communications app in the world, but the latest stats show that the app is highly regarded by Android users.

According to the lead engineer for Google Duo, Justin Uberti, the app is now the highest rated in the Play Store when compared to other popular communications app. Duo has a 4.6-star rating and for comparison purposes, Skype has 4.1 stars, WhatsApp has 4.4 stars, Telegram has 4.3 stars and Facebook Messenger has 4.0 stars, just to mention but a few.

In fact, Google Duo is not only the highest-rated communications app, but it also outshines all other Google-owned apps that are available for download via the Play Store, including Google Maps (4.3 stars), Google Allo (4.3 stars) and Gmail (4.3 stars), among others.

Duo was launched in 2016 alongside Allo and since then, the former has been on the rise as opposed to the latter, probably due to the stiff competition in the instant messaging industry. Although not a perfect replacement for Hangouts, Google Duo is certainly living up to the task, if these Play Store stats are anything to go by.

Google Duo has been downloaded 100 million times in the Play Store. This figure doesn’t represent the exact user base and it’s in fact boosted by the mandatory requirement that Duo comes preinstalled on Android phones. Nonetheless, attaining such a score isn’t an easy feat to achieve, especially based on the number of downloads in question. The ratings are made by those who download and use the app and from the score, it’s obvious that most are happy with Duo.

Like many other Google apps, Google Duo is free to download from the Play Store. If you haven’t installed it and you’d wish to try it, click here.

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