Google Earth Latest Update with Exciting Features : App Revamped

Google Earth

Google Earth has received a recent, major update, making it the most exciting application on PlayStore.

The app has received this big update after two years and it introduces 4 exciting features that transform the virtual exploration of the globe.

3D Maps

To begin with, the new Google Earth after the major update, brings in 3D maps feature. You can enjoy the feature on your smartphone, viewing a 3D world from your home and getting an immersive experience. The 3D maps offer a drone’s eye picture of the world.

Google Earth Update

However, this feature is now available only for certain locations. In places where the 3D map feature is not available, you can only view the 2D feature. When the 3D view is available for a specific location, the button for 2D at the bottom of the left corner will change to 3D. You can tap on this button and then explore the map in 3D.

Knowledge Card

When the user makes a search for a specific location or a place using Google Earth, the app now brings up what is known as a Knowledge card. The card gives related information regarding the place, namely, the history of the place and other facts. You can also access a knowledge card for another related place.


This section has also been revamped with the new update to Google Earth app. The section offers an interactive and guided tour in the app. Users can select one of the Editor’s picks or they can opt for any other place, based on categories such as travel, history and so on. The app then takes the user on a curated journey using slideshows and videos along with Street views. To begin a new voyage, you can access the navigation bar by tapping on the horizontal bars on the seen on the top left and then select Voyager. The tours are interactive, and you can get to visit the most interesting places full of rich media along with 360 degrees video.

For instance, you can select National Treasures and know more about wildlife habitats from all over the world. Voyager has more than fifty stories for selection and more are to be added every week.

Random Locations

If you just want to view some random location, there is the I’m Feeling Lucky button seen on the app. Just tap on the Dice icon seen in the top menu.

Sharing the View

When exploring the view, you can share it with your contacts by capturing the screenshot of the location and sending a digital postcard to any of your contacts. There is a link on the postcard, which the receiver can use for instantly seeing the location in Google Earth.

Google Earth

Other Platforms

Another added advantage with the new and upgraded Google Earth is that apart from accessing the app in Android phones, you can also access it using Chrome browsers. The new update to Google Earth has made it very interesting for students as well as globetrotters of different ages from all over the world. It is presently available as an Android app and also in Chrome using However, the updated Google Earth will soon be available for other browsers and also on the iOS platform.