Google Fiber Rollout Halted in 10 Cities as a Top Executive Steps Down

Google Fiber

Google Fiber, the most expensive entity under the restructured Alphabet Inc., is facing some serious problems that have led to the halting of its rollout in 10 cities across the country.

Apparently, the department’s head, Craig Barratt, has just stepped down from his post, dealing a major blow to the company’s ambitious plan of covering the entire USA with ultra-fast Internet connectivity.

Barratt is the CEO of Alphabet Access division and is also tasked with overseeing things as far as Google Fiber is concerned. Despite stepping down from his position at the latter, he added that he will still stay on as an adviser.

Despite this setback, the search engine giant has confirmed that cities that had begun the rollout process of Google Fiber will not stop, however, those that were looking forward to the service will have to wait a little bit longer. These are areas where Fiber has been weighing options of making its debut, but the company has also promised that it will resume the planned rollout in these “potential Fiber cities.”

Google Fiber

In addition to stepping down as CEO of Google Fiber, Barratt also noted that the division will also be reducing its employee base in the affected areas. The main reason for this move is because the company wants to look at ways of advancing its technologies and solutions towards providing Americans with super-speedy internet.

Google has been exploring cheaper ways of spreading its love to more than the current eight metropolitan areas it already covers. Rather than keep on digging up streets just so as to lay down fiber cables, the company is looking at making the entire thing wireless. One solution Google Fiber is looking at is buying Webpass, which would allow the company to deliver its fast internet services to businesses and homes by means of sending data via transmitters located on top of buildings.

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